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Beauty oils, travel edition

Our first experience with oils goes back to four years ago, when we first used the famous Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls (check the post about it in baby Slow Pace 2012 here). Just like every other girl, we were afraid of greasy T-zones but soon we discovered that oil not only did not leave any grease trace but also made our skins feel nourished and super soft.

Since then, we’ve been using and testing a few oils from different brands. However just a few have secured a place in our beauty bags and just three of them are coming with us in our Summer trips.

Since hair suffers so much on the beach, we are taking these cute travel size bottles of the all time classic of oils: Moroccan Oil (in the light version) and the more affordable but still very nice L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. We alternate both of them, finding the Moroccan Oil perfect to condition our hair after washing it and the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil better to spray constantly on the beach. Both of them smell amazing and help you tame our frizzy manes by the sea.

We will be taking with us another classic oil: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. This little product understands multitasking. You can use it on your face, body and hair. We personally apply it mostly on our face before going to sleep, but it’s also fantastic to take care of dehydrated skin. You know, when you have been under the sun although you shouldn’t have because it’s bad, bad, bad and you are afraid of resembling that old lady in There’s something about Mary!

PS. Bikini by H&M and old Moroccan beach towel, you can find similar versions here and here.





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