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Stripes, stripes, stripes

There are two constants in our wardrobe: monochrome and stripes. And now that Summer is here, stripes are our favourite because who doesn’t want to feel like Brigitte Bardot in the French Riviera (or a Venetian gondolier)?  These are a few striped pieces that you can find in our closet. Over the years, we’ve been putting together a striped section in our wardrobe with staples that go from working appropriate blazers to cute bikinis.

The dress: this is an old time favourite of mine. Great for breakfasts overlooking the sea, afternoon ice cream runs or even Fridays at the office. This one is from Mango and it has a few years but you can find a similar one here and here (on sale!)

The swimsuit: with a really flattering neckline, this swimsuit looks really cute with denim shorts. You won’t need anything else to go to the beach. Well, sunscreen and a magazine, but that’s about it. Find similar pieces here, here and here.

The perfect striped tee: we talked about these tees a few years ago because we wear them all the time and we have them in every possible colour (the red and white is really pretty too). They have a perfect loose fit, 3/4 sleeves and you will find them in every COS store, they belong to their basic collection.

The bag: you can wear it as a clutch or use it with the golden shoulder strap. It’s white but has a navy detail that makes it the perfect match to our striped pieces. It’s from Carpisa and I bought in a couple of years ago in Vicenza, but you can buy similar styles here and here.

The bikini: but of course! No Summer will be celebrated without a striped bikini. This was a bargain from H&M, has adorable bows and it’s really comfortable because it provides great support. Find it in H&M stores now or buy this other cute version online.

The shoes: we love Paez Alpargatas. There are lots of fun designs (check my little anchors Paez here. See? Always nautical themed… ) but these ones are a basic! Add boyfriend jeans and a white tee and you are good to go.

The blazer: I honestly can’t remember when we bought this blazer, but it’s a staple in our working wardrobe every Summer. The best weapon to fight air conditioning (or sporadic rain showers in our case) and a nice way to feel on holidays even when you are stuck in the office. Similar styles: here (on sale!), here, here or here.

The sweater: ok, we might have more than ten striped sweaters but this one has to be our favourite. The elbow patches are a lovely detail, it’s really cosy and the fabric is really soft, so it’s the best piece to wear when the sun goes down and your skin is a bit sensitive after a whole day under the sun. There are plenty of options in the market!

PS: bonus points for this hat, next piece in our shopping list!



    • I’ve tried to look for a similar version online but I didn’t find it, those two links are the closest I found! It has a couple of years but I love it anyway!

    • Thanks Meg! For us, it’s not about buying the latest trends, but finding those pieces that can become classics and all the pieces in this post are our classics!

    • Hehehe, that happens! We do have lots of striped sweaters… but each one has something different, or at least that is what I want to believe ;)

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    Condivido con voi questo post molto carino del blog ” the” buona giornata a tutte, io sto facendo i bagagli!! Have a nice weekend!!

  2. I love stripes and I love the jacket too! It would be great for my vacation to Cote d’Azur next August ;)
    Congrats for the blog: I’ve just come across your articles and it’s a very good find.
    Have a nice day, Silvia.

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