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Summer bronze

It’s that time of the year again… when our pale skins stand out in a sea of dewy, tan faces. The Snow White look is not exactly the best to rock in Summer. So in order to hide our sad, almost green white skin tones we reach for our trustworthy bronzers: the ones that we use in the search of that caramel, golden Beyoncé bronze… or  at least help us have a healthier and summer-ish look. 

The oldie but goodie: Bourjois’ Délice de Poudre bronzing powder. This chocolate inspired powder is matte, subtle and doubles as a wonderful warm eyeshadow. So if you want a natural, I just spent a day under the sun (with SPF, though) look,  that’s for you. That chubby brush is all you need to apply it all over your face, it’s so subtle that you don’t need precision. And on a Monday morning, that’s much appreciated.

The classic: Guerlain Terracota light powder. We use Number 3 Naturel Brunettes because it has a beautiful coral iridiscent mix of colours that give us a touch of glow and the illusion of a beach tan.  In fact, we started using it a couple of years ago to try to extend our tiny tan after a trip to Ibiza and it’s been in our makeup bags since then. Sadly the tan is no longer with us. But we don’t loose hope and think about getting it back soon.

The star: Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar bronze and glow. Yes, we are late to the party, but we just purchased this wonderful product a couple of months ago. It’s supposed to make countouring easy but we use it mostly as a bronzer and a highlighter with that Zoeva brush because we just can’t contour. The fact that we don’t have cheekbones makes it complicated. We are just two chubby cheeks girls. Its sleek packing and the fact that you have two products in one makes it perfect for travelling.  So this is what we will take with us in our trips this Summer, to fake than tan we will never get…

PS: Summer scarf  by Hakei


  1. I love bronzers! They are definitely my go to because of my excessively pale skin. I try my very best not to let my face get too much sun and they help me get rid of that “see through” look!

    • Well, in that case all of these products are perfect because the result is very natural. I try to avoid sun too, it’s a love / hate relationship!

  2. Ohhh I would love to have that Charlotte Tilbury palette! Looks so lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

    Hope you are having a great summer!

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