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8 reasons to go back to Belavista Hotel & Spa

Three years ago we stayed at Belavista Hotel & Spa for a long weekend. We had such a wonderful experience that we knew we will be back. Well, last month we did and, although the weather was absolutely terrible, we spent the most relaxing and wonderful days. Here you have our reasons to be back at Belavista… 

Back_at_Belavista_4Back_at_Belavista_10First reason: the rooms are beautiful and extremely comfortable. The decor is a dream, full of unexpected mixes of colours and materials. Spotless and light-filled, the rooms at Belavista are the equivalent of a long shower after a day at the beach: they make you feel rested and invigorated. Everything is just perfect: from the crispy sheets to the fluffly bath robes. Not to mention the lovely amenities by L’Occitane, the brand that runs the absolutely perfect spa in the hotel premises.
Back_at_Belavista_1Which takes us to reason number two. The L’Occitane Spa… that relaxing little piece of heaven where they take all your worries away (and all the extra fluids in your legs for that matter). We can’t recommend the Deep Tissue Massage and the Reshape Massage enough!
Back_at_Belavista_5Reason number three: the hotel’s common areas are actually very inviting. The library is cosy and quiet and the bar can’t be cooler. Unlike in other hotels, here you will want to make use of these areas. You’ll love reading your favourite book while sipping a cup of coffee in the library and you won’t feel the need of going out when you can enjoy the most amazing cocktails in the gorgeous hotel bar.
Back_at_Belavista_3Back_at_Belavista_28Back_at_Belavista_31Reason number four: the pool, which actually is the swimming pool of our dreams. Three years ago we made the most of it, this time we couldn’t because the weather was terrible. Of course, our last morning at the Belavista the weather was perfect and the pool was shining in all its glory. We took that picture and promised ourselves we will be back as soon as possible to lay down in one of those striped sunbeds, cocktails in hand. By the way, the gardens that surround the building are also beautiful!

Back_at_Belavista_32Back_at_Belavista_7Back_at_Belavista_8Reason number five: the Vista restaurant. The young but extremely talented chef, Joao Oliveira, has designed the most spectacular menu with the best Portuguese products. The tasting menu that we enjoyed one of the nights we stayed at Belavista was probably the best tasting menu we’ve ever had. No words to describe it: you have to try it yourself. From the appetizers to the desserts, everything was delicious, light yet powerful.
Back_at_Belavista_17Back_at_Belavista_20Back_at_Belavista_18Back_at_Belavista_21Back_at_Belavista_23Back_at_Belavista_25And speaking about cuisine…Breakfast: reason number six. The motivation to get up at 8 every morning. The eggs, the fruit and juice selection, the pastries, the excellent coffee, the cheeses… The perfect start of our lazy days overlooking the sea in the most beautiful white and blue dining room. Besides, so Instagrammable (exhibit A and B)

Back_at_Belavista_30While Portimao is not a remarkable place for sightseeing, the hotel is perfectly located to enjoy the charming Santa Catarina Fortress, the new promenades that overlook the incredible Algarve beaches, and the marina. So, its wonderful location facing the sea would be reason number seven.

Back_at_Belavista_14Back_at_Belavista_13Back_at_Belavista_12Back_at_Belavista_11And finally, reason number eight and our little secret in Portimao. A few meters away from Belavista and right by the sea you will find one of our favourite places in the world: Atlantico, a family owned restaurant with paper tablecloths, white wooden chairs and the most amazing fresh fish. A glass of white wine, a little bit of seafood and the sunset with your other half. All you need to be happy.
Back_at_Belavista_27Of course, heading back to this wonderful hotel after such a lovely dinner is the cherry on top!


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