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Find your red

How strange… we’ve featured a palette that’s not an eyeshadow palette? Yes, sir. The minute I saw the first ad of this beautiful, all kinds of red palette I started the hunt. I bought it, admired it, photographed it and tested it.

Loreal_Red_3Have you ever wondered which is your red? That shade that will make you look like a million dolars with just a dash of makeup and sunglasses? Well, you will probably find it here. La Palette, by L’Oreal, has 6 Color Riche shades that cover all the spectrum: warms, colds, orangy, brown-ish… And the best part is that mixing some of those shades you will find a unique tone that will suit you perfectly. For this Summer, I’ll be blending the slightly pink red and the bright orangy red to create the perfect colour, almost neon, that looks absolutely amazing with golden eyeshadows and a little bit of bronzer.Loreal_Red_2The longevity is not the best, to be honest. You can drink but definitely not eat without reapplying. However the packaging is so slim, pretty and travel friendly that you can take it with you everywhere. And the lip pencil is not bad! For those of you with formal events this season, try the absolute red with a little bit of eye liner and you’re good to go. And come Autumn, those berry and browny shades will complement your working wardrobe beautifully.  The price is a bargain, the formula is enriched with Vitamin E and the colours are stunning. You don’t have excuses to wear a bold, empowering red lip now!

PS. Speaking about bargains, find those cute bobby pins here. Great for messy buns and high pony tails!


  1. I love a good red lipstick, although I do find that re-applying it is a bit of a pain. But what a difference it makes to dress up a casual look!

  2. I love these colours & it is Winter in Australia but I haven’t seen this palette Down Under yet cos we can buy Loreal here (at least it’s not in Perth). I would definitely buy it if it heads over here though thanks for sharing these tones are right up my street for evening🌻

    • Oh, I hope you can buy it somehow… it’s gorgeous and the darker shades are perfect for Winter. We live in Europe, but quite North, so you can say we live in a permanent Autumn/Winter, sigh!
      Thanks for your coment, we are really excited to know that someone so far away reads us! We’ve always dreamt about visiting Australia!

    • I really don’t know… I thought that you guys always got new launches first! Another reader told us that it hasn’t been realeased in Australia either… I guess this time we got lucky in Europe!

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