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The most beautiful beaches in Algarve

I bet you didn’t expect white and black pictures in a post with such a happy, Summery title, but sometimes stormy weather, furious sea and lonely sand make the most photogenic background.

Praia_Da_Rocha_6Let’s pick up our Portuguese adventures: It rained the whole week, but it didn’t matter. Every morning, rain or hail (yes, hail), we would wait for the tide to go out and head to the beach for a couple of hours of walking, jumping, exploring and a little bit of running.
Praia_Da_Rocha_24Praia_Da_Rocha_21From the first time we visited Algarve we fell in love with its coastline: rocky, steep, sometimes untamed, but also dotted with beautiful, tiny golden beaches that appear with the low tide. And thanks to the low tide, we were able to jump from one beach to another. We would start at Praia da Rocha to finish in our favourite corner of the Algarve, Praia de Boiao.
Praia_Da_Rocha_3Praia_Da_Rocha_11Praia_Da_Rocha_26Praia_Da_Rocha_14Sometimes the rain was so heavy and the wind was so violent, that we had to look for shelter under the rocks. But the energy was so vibrant and empowering that we didn’t care, moreover, we truly enjoyed it.
Praia_Da_Rocha_30Praia_Da_Rocha_18Praia_Da_Rocha_16Praia_Da_Rocha_10Up and down the rocks, passing caves and grottoes, we would walk along Praia dos Tres Castelos, Praia do Vau and Praia do Barranco das Canas to end up in Praia de Boiao, which always reminds me of The Goonies, one of my favourite films ever. This little corner felt absolutely secluded and with high tide you can only reach it by boat. So every morning, we would take a moment to rest, watch the waves crush on the rocks and let the wind mess with our hair in this tiny beach.
Praia_Da_Rocha_25Praia_Da_Rocha_27Praia_Da_Rocha_15Praia_Da_Rocha_1Praia_Da_Rocha_7Praia_Da_Rocha_9After a little break we would head back to Praia da Rocha before the tide reached its highest point. Due to the terrible weather and the fact that we visited the area during low season, we were almost the only ones at the beach. We would bump into some broody souls that, like us, enjoyed the gloomy atmosphere but otherwise, we had all the space for ourselves. However, at the end of our walk we would find a group of surfers ready to fight the waves, which some days were 3 meters high.

Praia_Da_Rocha_13Praia_Da_Rocha_12Praia_Da_Rocha_5Praia_Da_Rocha_17Praia_Da_Rocha_29Algarve has beautiful beaches, but these are our favourites. Definitely, these weren’t the sunny walks by the sea that we had imagined before our trip, but still we enjoyed them deeply. And we took pretty amazing pictures, don’t you think?


  1. Yana says

    Love these photos. I really like that they are black and white. :)

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