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Druid St. Market

Every time we visit London we discover a new food market. This time, we went for a stroll around Druid St. Market, in Bermondsey. Very difficult to find, this little market is still a work in progress but we believe it has a lot of potential.

Druid_St_Market_London_6Druid_St_Market_London_11Chaotic, small and loud. The cool factor seems not to be the most important aspect in this little food market (open Saturdays from 10 to 16 hours). Having fun, grabbing some amazing burgers, trying delicious pastries and craft beers is what matters the most. It’s a place to visit with a group of friends, but beware: it’s quite narrow so it gets terribly crowded.Druid_St_Market_London_1Druid_St_Market_London_10Druid_St_Market_London_12The shops are located under the arches on Druid Street and they have an industrial unit vibe. However, we found that precisely the disorganized atmosphere is what makes it so special. Food, antiques and one of the best truffles we’ve eaten share this space creating a creative and interesting mishmash.Druid_St_Market_London_7Druid_St_Market_London_16Druid_St_Market_London_8Druid_St_Market_London_14Druid_St_Market_London_15We didn’t stay for long, as we’ve mentioned it was way too crowded, but we sure made time to buy a fair amount of Dark Sugars truffles. They were outstanding so please don’t leave the market without one of their little cellophane bags.  The overdose truffle was my favourite being the sea salt flavour an impressive runner-up!

Druid_St_Market_London_2Druid_St_Market_London_13One of the things we loved the most about the market was its location. It may sound weird but actually it’s a good excuse to explore lesser-known neighborhoods of London. For us, it was the perfect excuse to explore Bermondsey area where we spotted a few promising restaurants, so I guess we have to come back to check them out! Druid_St_Market_London_18Druid_St_Market_London_17Druid_St_Market_London_19Druid_St_Market_London_20


  1. Looks so comfy! The pictures are really cool and the market sounds gorgeous. We visited London once, but hadn´t had the chance to visit Bermondsey. Maybe we should do that – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there! The Southbank has became one of our favourite areas of London. It has so much to offer and it feels like you quite cool all surrounded by all the locals ;)

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