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A morning along the Thames Path

We have to thank our friends, who moved to London almost two years ago for the wonderful discoveries that we share with you in this post: a fantastic place for breakfast and our favourite views of London. 

If it wasn’t for them we would probably have never discovered the Thames Path, a beautiful route that has became a must in all our visits to London. It’s perfect for a lazy walk, a great conversation and lots of picture taking. Not only are the views over the city spectacular (and the moment you spot Tower Bridge in the distance is simply unforgettable) but also the little parks, the warehouses and the canals that are dotted along the path are simply lovely.

But, of course, you need energy to deal with all that walking and sightseeing. And we have a fabulous recommendation for you to stock up on carbs, eggs and fantastic coffee, that is the breakfast of champions! Canada Water Cafe.

Thames_Path_London_5Thames_Path_London_4Thames_Path_London_3Thames_Path_London_6This colourful little cafe is located just outside Canada Water Tube station and it’s outstanding! They serve amazing coffee with a lovely almond touch, home made food cooked with fresh produce from local suppliers and, from 6p, pretty delicious sourdough pizzas (also to go!). So they have you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But let’s focus on breakfast. The servings are huge so even though you will want everything on the menu, stick to one option. I once ordered eggs and granola with greek yogurt and mixed berries and couldn’t move the rest of the day. So good, though. All their breakfast dishes are scrumptious, but we usually choose the scrumbled eggs on Borough brown bread or Eggs Benedict. However, our friends swear by the Eggs Royale and the The Canada Water Full English. Choices, choices.

The atmosphere is really easy-going and has a relaxed breakfast at home (but better) vibe that makes you start your day in the best mood possible. Besides, the china can’t be cuter. We think that should this cafe be located in a more popular are of London it will have appeared in every London foodie blog by now. But’s it’s a little bit off the beaten track. And that’s very nice too, because it keeps it local, friendly and special.

After such a feast, you’d better walk. And the Thames Path is perfect for that. Just make your way to Rotherhite street and follow the river, leaving it to your right. You have to pay attention because sometimes the path dissapears behind a building, it crosses a wharf or it’s interrupted by a private appartment building.

The architecture is amazing: from small, old houses to futuristic, luxury appartment buildings. And the views across the river are stunning. The City at its best! You can grab a drink at the Mayflower, the oldest pub in London, make a detour to Borough market, or even visit the Design Museum. The Thames Path goes from the Isle of Dogs to Tower Bridge, so there is plenty to explore! However, this bit between Rotherhithe and Tower Bridge is our fave. Next time you visit London, give this route a go, but remember not to skip breakfast!


  1. Longing for a future trip to London to follow your tips, although I have ‘nt been there for so long that I have an overwhelming to do in London list!

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