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Feria de abril

A couple of years ago we gave you a few tips to enjoy the famous Sevillian Feria de Abril like a local. Well, today we share with you a few pictures that we took last weekend. Sometimes the first hours of a Sunday morning are the best moments to uncover the secrets behind the scenes and enjoy a different perspective. The slow-paced way, of course.
Feria_de_Abril_1Feria_de_Abril_2Feria_de_Abril_3Feria_de_Abril_8Feria_de_Abril_5Streets named under famous toreros, colourful striped sunshades, horses and elegant horsemen… The quiet before the storm. Feria is a big party and can be quite exhausting, so these pictures reflect the preparations and the stillness that precedes the explosion of music and dance that comes afterwards.

Feria de Abril is something that you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. It’s and expression of joy and tradition. It’s the epitome of Seville!


  1. I think I wouldn’t like the feria itself because of the lots of people and the big party stuff but this potos of the pre party are great and perfectly reflect the stillness before the storm as you say, I really like them

    • I’m an absolute grannie and I really enjoy Feria at its best. Just one day, though!
      Glad you like the pictures! Thanks for your kind words!

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