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The unglamorous flight back home

If you search “travel outfit” in Google you will have 38.100.000 results in 0,43 seconds. It’s obvious that lots of us want to look chic while travelling and need inspiration/help. Well, we actually only need a solution for the flight back. 

Our style is pretty casual, even more when we travel. We mostly look for comfort to be honest. But I’d say that the day we leave we usually look fresh, effortless and JCrew catalogue ready (we wish!). The problem is the flight back. I don’t know if it’s the sadness of leaving a great destination behind, the time our clothes spend in the suitcase or the inevitable bad hair day that always, always, concurs with our flight back. But let’s say that seeing us boarding on the plane is not a nice sight. And why is it that the last day there is always a sad plastic bag full of things with you? Where do these things come from? Why don’t they fit in the carry on? Is it just us?

The truth is that we usually prepare our outfits in advance so we always have clean clothes ready for the last day but… I don’t know, what looked quite nice at home, just looks awful the last day of our holidays/getaways. Add the crazy hair and the aforementioned plastic bag… and the result is terrible. Maybe is that we don’t put that  much effort, maybe unknowingly we can’t be bother because we are returning home and we just want to be on the plane, headphones on, head tilted awkwardly, Diet Coke in one hand and Conde Nast Traveller on the other. In any case, all our flights back home are everything but glamorous. What about you? Are you always Instagram travelling ready? In that case: have you got any tips to share with us? And more importantly: any clues about the plastic bag?


  1. The plastic bag is always there!!! I’m not even so prepared and I’m always with clothes full of wrinkles on the way home but, as I usually travel to diving destinations, the tan helps to feel better

    • Yeah! The tan helps, that’s true! But no tan over here, sadly. Glad to know that someone else is carrying THE plastic bag too! Hehehehe!

  2. Lee Ann says

    The outfit for the flight home is usually whatever I never wanted to wear during the trip, so it’s the only thing left clean in the suitcase … ergo, if I never wanted to wear it DURING the trip, I’m certainly not going to be happy in it for 12+ hours on the way home. Sad face. I should learn. Haha! That’s why I always try to take a really nice, large scarf; it covers an ugly outfit. Usually.

  3. Trinity says

    I’ve had luck packing an identical outfit for the return flight as the one I wore on the way there. It’s not imaginative, but I essentially only have to come up with one outfit, use the same jacket/shoes/bag and maybe switch out the scarf.

  4. Trinity says

    I also don’t pack my suitcase to capacity and tuck an empty soft tote bag inside for souvenirs and shopping victories. On the way home you can always check your suitcase and take the tote as your carry on. The one time I didn’t do this I had to buy a bag to hold all the fabulous espadrilles I found in Madrid.

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