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Spring ballerinas

Days are slowly getting longer, there are tulips everywhere and the urge to edit our wardrobes and our lifes is getting bigger. Why is it that Spring and Autumn always feel like New year’s for us? Anyway, Spring is coming and I’m ready. 
The main reason for this anticipation are these shoes. Shallow, I know, but I’m superficial like that. These gorgeous ballerinas from the Spring / Summer collection of, you guessed it, Pretty Ballerinas, have been waiting for a while in their adorable pink box. I still can’t decide if they are a basic (the golden / silver shades and raffia-like texture will look beautiful with almost anything) or if they are a transformer, as the ladys at Wardrobe Icons would say, because: golden/silver/raffia.  In any case, I might have to move to a warmer country in order to make the most of them. Or I can wear them non stop at home (German weather, I’m tired of you). I get excited for little things in life and wearing these shoes is one of those little things. Besides, after seeing the images of Valentino’s show yesterday at Paris Fashion Week, I’m in ballerina mood.

What about you, what gets you excited for Spring?


  1. Oh gosh, I love ballerinas too. And I can’t wait for my legs to feel the air … but I’ll have to wait awhile in England !

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