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A day in Copenhagen

Our day started early with unexpected heavy rain and furious wind. We dedicated a couple of hours to sip our coffee and read. Lazily we decided to get out, even though the weather was not promising. However, the idea of a whole day lost in the streets of Copenhagen was appealing, in spite of the weather, any weather.  Copenhagen_Winter_2We headed towards the lakes, an area that we hadn’t visited before. These three artificial lakes are one of the landmarks of the city and connect beautifully Norrebro and Vesterbro, two wonderful yet very different neighborhoods. This peaceful area is frequented by locals who want to run, eat their lunch picnic style in one of the classic benches dotted around the lakes, take a nice walk, or simply slow down for a moment. On that particular day, it would have been perfect for windsurfing though. The wind! We decided that after fighting the elements the best thing we could do was grab a comforting cup of coffee and off we went to a near coffee shop that Giulia recommended us.Copenhagen_Winter_8
Copenhagen_Winter_9Kent Kafee Laboratorium  is the perfect spot to have a nice conversation over an extraordinary cup of coffee. Let their coffee experts advise you because you will love whatever they pour in your cup. In my case, they told me not to use sugar and even though I love my coffee extra sweet I resisted the temptation and skipped sugar. The coffee was absolutely fantastic. Not only did I savored all its aromas, but also felt super healthy for avoiding sugar, today’s second most dreaded evil (being gluten the first, of course). We spent a fair amount of time recovering from the cold, making plans, admiring how the barista prepared different types of coffees with extreme care and enjoying the quiet, quite intellectual atmosphere.Kent_Caffee_CPH_1
Kent_Caffee_CPH_5Encouraged by our caffeine high, we ventured again into the streets. We discovered a few cute little streets  in the area that looked like the perfect mixture between Amsterdam architecture, London mews’ charm and calming Danish colors.
Copenhagen_Winter_4After a couple of hours taking pictures and rambling about the possibilities of moving to Copenhagen, we got hungry. The weather was still terrible so we wanted something comforting, naughty and full of calories. Pizza. A few days before we have visited Illum’s rooftop and had a great lunch at Corallo but we couldn’t help but noticing a wonderful pizzeria across the hall: Rossopomodoro. Their pizzas looked absolutely delicious and we had to try them. So we did.
Rosso_Pomodoro_CPH_5Sheltered from the rain and wind, drunk with that wonderfully intoxicating pizza smell and surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere we devoured the Quattro formaggi and the Tartufo and Speck pizza. Oh were they good! Excellent, indeed. With the typical Neapolitan dough, usually  not our favorite, those pizzas tasted like clouds dipped in cheese. Really, that rooftop is full of delightful surprises.Rosso_Pomodoro_CPH_4
Rosso_Pomodoro_CPH_1After the mandatory stop in the Sephora located in the ground floor of Illum (that place is heaven!) and an hour of browsing the most interesting books in our favorite bookshop in Copenhagen, Tranquebar, we headed to Vesterbro  in search of a nice cup of tea and a place to spend a cozy afternoon. Copenhagen_Winter_10
Copenhagen_Winter_3Hidden in a side street we found Tante T
Copenhagen_Winter_6This famous tea shop is known for having an incredibly large selection of teas and a vintage vibe that is much appreciated in such as hipster city. We were welcomed by a sweet, warm scent that instantly relaxed all our muscles. Once we were seated in a charming corner of the tea room (almost every table was already booked!) we ordered a Coconut Honey Chai and a Mint Tea. We decided not to order scones, but when the waitress took our order I accidentally asked for a couple of them. Ups. Sadly, one of them was completely raw but the kind reaction of the waitress when we told her and the delicious chocolate scone we got to try afterwards made up for it.

When we left Tante Te it was already dark. We walked back to our apartment all bundled up in our coats looking forward to a night in. Tired but happy. What a wonderful day we’ve had!


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