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MAC Diva

To be honest, I don’t really like MAC. Sure, it was one of my favourite makeup brands a few years ago: it was so innovative, forward-thinking, so edgy… But suddenly it was too much for me. Now I prefer a subtle, easy going make up and, somehow, this brand doesn’t seem to represent what I am. I know that’s how branding and marketing work… and well, it works. For I feel more related with other brands’ images. However, every time I feel daring I visit a MAC counter.

So a few weeks ago I headed to my local MAC looking for a deep berry, almost purple lipstick. I wanted something dark to pair with my new eyeshadow palette. Bright, soft eyes and a dark lip is the Winter look par exellence, isn’t it? And I found the gorgeous and ultra matte Diva (02). The name is so MAC! The formula is surprisingly soft and doesn’t live my lips dry. The color is quite long lasting and you can build it up, so you can have an over-the-top deep berry or a fun purple, if you dab it with your fingers. This is not a lipstick I use on a daily basis, but it’s fun and adds a little bit of drama every now and then. And before Spring comes in, I’ll be wearing the dark lip – bright eye combo a few more times!


  1. I love the colour. MAC lipsticks are very beautiful, I have too (“Sweet and Sour” and “Ruby Woo”), I like that the colors are matte and the best, they last long.

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