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Corallo, Copenhagen

From a chic restaurant in Madrid to a fancy lobster bar in Copenhagen. If last week we showed you where to have a nice lunch in the most elegant neighborhood of Madrid, today we share with you a great option to rest during your Copenhagen shopping spree.

Corallo_Copenhagen_12Corallo_Copenhagen_14This colourful bar, which brings back memories of the seaside, is located in the upper floor of the recently renovated and abslolutely iconic department store Illum. This Danish shopping mecca is a highlight in all of our trips to Copenhagen. Even more after the aforementioned renovation. The new shoe department is a dream… and so is the rooftop, which now hosts a bunch of lovely restaurants. Corallo_Copenhagen_9

Corallo_Copenhagen_8A few days ago, during our last trip to Copenhagen, we had the opportunity to visit Illum’s rooftop. We didn’t know what we were going to find exactly but the striped chairs and the fun atmosphere of Corallo attracted us immediately. It was a rainy day and a Summery lobster roll was exactly what the doctor ordered. We sat on the bar, took a look at the menu and knew we had made an excellent choice. Our neighbors were digging in huge and deliciously looking pasta plates, but we were feeling naughty and decided on the lobster roll and the bocadillo de calamares, one of the most popular sandwiches in Spain and something we thought we’d never see in a fancy Danish restaurant. But then, again, globalization.


Corallo_Copenhagen_13Corallo_Copenhagen_7We also chose a simple, fresh tomato salad and a side of rustic fries. However, when the order arrived to the table we realized that both the lobster roll and the bocadillo de calamares came with a mountain of the same rustic fries. It wasn’t stated on the menu and the waitress apparently didn’t think it was necessary to let us know that we were ordering fries for days… but, oh well, we ate them after all. They were delicious!


Corallo_Copenhagen_5The portions were huge, as you can see on the pictures. But both sandwiches were surprisingly light, mostly because the rolls were soft and spongy. The focus was really on the lobster and the calamari. The sauces were also tasty but not overpowering: the spicy mayo was simply great. So, all in all, everything was as scrumptious as it looked.


Corallo_Copenhagen_4Corallo_Copenhagen_2Corallo_Copenhagen_6Corallo is a great way of eating great quality produce disguised as fast food. Of course, you can always order a nice pasta or a whole lobster. But sometimes the body wants what it wants: sauce on the chin and dirty hands!


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