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Moodboard: Iceland

During a few years I was obsessed with Iceland and Björk. Then I started obsessing about something else – University, those confusing years…- and forgot about it. But now that we are going to have a direct flight Bremen – Reykjavik, the obsession is back. 
Moodboard_Iceland_2While looking for information about this mysterious country I remembered that one of our favourite bloggers, Jacintha, did a great series about Iceland. And we are seriously thinking about replicating her trip! She was also so kind as to give you a couple of tips per E-mail. We might even dare and go for a road trip! We loved the video she made during her stay in Iceland, which to be honest made us even more wanderlusty! The pool at the Ion Hotel was a game changer too. And there is always the Blue Lagoon, of course. So we are still debating: this Summer, should we go for the Iceland road trip or just get lost in a small Mediterranean island? We’ll see.. In the meantime our moodboards keep us motivated!

Happy weekend!


  1. Iceland is one of the place high upon my bucket list, cannot wait to go there one day. The pictures are amazing! Wish you so much fun in the summer there, no matter on what you decide.

  2. I used to have an Icelandic boyfriend (long ago!) and your moodpboard brought back some lovely memories … although, I never saw horses galloping romantically across a river !

    • Icelandic boyfriend? Exotic! ;) Happpy to bring back nice memories. We have to admit that we idealize the places we want to visit, hence the galloping horses! ;)

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