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Taberna Los Gallos, Madrid

Taberna_Los_Gallos_11Madrid has lots of wonderful restaurants. Every month new establishments open their doors and, inevitably, others say their goodbyes. However, good traditional Spanish food with a twist, great service and lovely decor are the elements that guarantee success. Taberna los Gallos knows it and that’s exactly what they offer. 
Taberna_Los_Gallos_8This beautiful restaurant plays with the preppy, chic atmosphere of the neighborhood where it’s located – Salamanca area – and translate it into their 5 different spaces where you can savour a seasonal, high quality menu surrounded by groups of women with shopping bags, business men and  groups of carefree, posh, young friends. Don’t be fooled, though. This place it not about trends and expensive appetizers. Here, you are in for a treat: delicious, fresh produce, an extensive wine list… and all that for a surprisingly convenient price.

Taberna_Los_Gallos_2We opted for the terrace on the attic. A beautiful greenhouse full of light and packed with a happy crowd giving toasts, celebrating meetings and chatting nonchalantly. We started with the absolutely delicious Salmorejo. This thick, cold tomato soup might not look impressive but it was outstanding. The perfect appetizer. Then we shared some light, crunchy grilled vegetables and a delicious but too ugly to photograph grilled cheese with honey.Taberna_Los_Gallos_3Taberna_Los_Gallos_13Mains came afterwards. Fried, yet not greasy at all, calamari with a surprisingly fantastic cold, red pepper salad and smoked salmon tartar with guacamole. Let’s face it, that last dish was not very typical from Madrid but it was the real star of the show. Creamy, zingy, flavourful… No wonder almost every table around us ordered this delicious tartar.Taberna_Los_Gallos_4Taberna_Los_Gallos_5We were having a great time. The food was great and, again, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. The staff surely contributed to this great ambiance. Kind and entertaining, they always had a nice word for us. So we decided to order dessert because it would have been rude not to.
Taberna_Los_Gallos_7Taberna_Los_Gallos_6We went for the home made flan and the apple pie. The flan turned out to be a cheesecake of sorts. Not very nice to be a flan, but really creamy and light, nonetheless. The apple pie was as gorgeous as delicious. It had a refreshing touch of peach sorbet that was really appreciated. Full and happy we felt so comfortable that we decided to order coffee and stay a little bit longer. However, after the first sip we were shocked by the terrible smell of cigarettes. The girls seated next to us were as surprised as we were. Disgusted would be more accurate, though. Well, it was a terrace after all… But since it was decked we thought it was non-smoking. So we couldn’t complain. But we had to leave. The only negative note for an otherwise marvelous meal.

Taberna_Los_Gallos_9Taberna_Los_Gallos_10In spite of the cigarette fiasco, we think Taberna Los Gallos is a great restaurant. Perfect to gather strength in the middle of a shopping spree – this area has the best boutiques in Madrid -, or to meet a group of friends for a nice meal and a good conversation. The kitchen is always open, so it doesn’t matter if you want a late lunch or an early dinner. We’ve been told that at night the lighting is pretty romantic, so it would also be a nice choice for a special dinner with your significant other.

We want to thank our friend A. for taking us to the best restaurants. Every time we meet her we know we are going to gain a few pounds, but we do it happily. She is responsible for this and this article too!

Just one last thing: book ahead!

Los Gallos
Callejón de Puigcerda 4B, 28001 Madrid
Telf: +34 914 31 06 47

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