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Blushed nudes

I know, I know… another eyeshadow palette? Well, this one was an accident. But a very happy one. The kind of accident that happens when you are just browsing in your drugstore, when you don’t want to buy anything, you are making time because you are meeting your mum in fifteen minutes. But then you see something. It looks appealing. You grab it, open it, swatch, realise it’s absolutely gorgeous, look discreetly the price tag and then you shout: no way, it’s ridiculous! And, of course, you buy it. Because, #yolo!
Maybelline_Blush_Nudes_2The Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette is my current go-to. It’s sort of divided in three quads, but you can mix the shades as you please and the result will be subtle, pretty and girly. The main colours are dusty pinks, warm browns and light greens. It doesn’t matter how you pair them. They all combine beautifully.  You can see in the picture which are my favourite ones. Those golden/pink/brown shimmery shades that make my average brown eyes pop. They are simply beautiful (the shades, not my eyes).

They actualy blend really nicely, though a little fallout is to be expected. Just make sure you don’t take a lot on your brush and tap a little bit before applying. By the way, I apply these shades with my two new Sephora brushes: number 22 and 23 from the Sephora Professionnel range. My favourite will always be these ones, but you have to try new things, don’t you?

Look at that… Isnt’ she lovely? Besides, it certainly is a great alternative to other high-end palettes like the Urban Decay Naked 3 and the Cle De Peau Baby Universe Palette. Well, the packing is not very nice…plastic much? But the shades are fantastic and the pigmentation is quite good for this price range. I’ve found a couple of tutorials for you, in case you want to see it in action: click and click.

This palette is cheering up my Winter beauty routine and I’m sure it will be perfect for sweet Spring looks and golden, bronzy Summer beach smoky eyes!


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