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The comeback

the comebackTravelling is fantastic. Whether it’s a long holiday or just a weekend away, those days with no responsibilities other than discovering new places recharge us and make us happy. We are always planning future trips, it gives us something to look forward to. Specially during these terrible Winter days. The problem is that we always find harder and harder to come back. 

However, during the last couple of years we’ve found out something that makes the dreaded comeback a little bit lighter: returning a day before. How does shortening your holidays make anything better? Well, having a full free day before returning to work simply does the trick. We even have a routine for that carefree day before we face our everyday life again: we get up with no alarm clock, we have a lazy breakfast and we unpack and do some laundry. Then we have a nice lunch and we spent the afternoon watching our favourite TV series, reading or just browsing Instagram.  It’s the perfect way to go back to reality smoothly and nicely.

We were wondering: what about you? Do you extend your getaways to the max or do you prefer a slow-paced comeback to reality? Any tips to beat the post-holiday blues?

PS. More travel talks: travel etiquette, the reason why I will never visit Thailand, tips for long layovers, how to plan a trip,  5 things that should be mandatory in every hotel and the perks of travelling off season. Join the conversation?

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  1. Funny you should say that. Recently I’ve enjoyed easing back into life and I like having a free day at home after an away holiday. So I’m with you.

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