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Hiking in Cortina

Good morning from Copenhagen! We’re having a few relaxing days in this city that we love. But before adding some new pieces to our slow-paced Copenhagen guide, we wanted to share the last installment of our Cortina d’Ampezzo series (Check the previous articles here).
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_14As strange as it may sound, we spent our last day in Cortina… hiking. Yes, nothing we would have thought a few months ago but something in this valley made us want to put on our Sorel boots and explore. Maybe it was the bright sky, the vibrant energy in the air or the absolutely breathtaking landscapes, but in any case we didn’t want to waste time and during our last morning in Cortina we got up early and hiked to Pianozes lake. Or that’s what we thought…
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_5We decided to start by taking a look at the old ski jumping ramp. Now surrounded by lovely mountain cottages, it was closed after being the star of the 1956 Winter Games celebrated in Cortina. It became too small for the current standards.
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_2Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_1Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_4Then, we headed to lake Pianozes. The temperature was extremely cold but that allowed us to enjoy gorgeous views of frozen landscapes, alternated with little streams and sunny paths.
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_7Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_3Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_9Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_13We kept ourselves warm with a quick pace and lots of laughter and soon we arrived to what we thought it was lake Pianozes. No water though… um strage. We rested for a little bit, took some pictures and then realized it was time to head back to the hotel to prepare our departure.
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_10Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_11Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_6We had to hurry and it was quite hard because of the steep slopes (and our almost non existent experience hiking, to be honest). Nice to climb down but a little bit harder to clim up. However, the views were worth it.
Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_17Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_16Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_15Cortina_D'Ampezzo_Day3_12Back in the hotel we enjoyed a quick but lovely lunch and said our goodbyes to the lovely staff. Sad to leave such an amazing scenery but happy to have discovered a new love for the mountains.

But what about lake Pianozes? Well, preparing this post we’ve realized that the lake was a couple of kilometers away from where we thought it was… See? We need to improve our hiking skills ;)


    • Hi Annelies! Thank you for your kind words. These were our first proper holidays in the mountains and we loved them. P is more a beach escape girl and I usually prefer urban getaways, but now we are converted! We are so looking forward to repeating this experience!

  1. Visiting the ski jump in Oslo gave me so much respect for the sport, I got vertigo just standing at the bottom. Where are you thinking of next? I’d recommend Iceland x

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