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Rosapetra Spa Resort, Cortina d’Ampezzo

The four days we spent at Rosapetra Spa Resort were the happiest days we’d had in a very, very long time. That happiness that only fresh, clean air, infinite powerful views, silent afternoons and calm dinners under soft, warm light can give. We can’t be objective about this resort because we will remember it forever as one of the most happiest places on Earth for us. The day we left we were profoundly relaxed, serene, rosy cheeked and determined to come back.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_1Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_3Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_2Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_4Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_9Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_5This boutique hotel has 30 rooms with breathtaking views, wooden walls for an extra cosy atmosphere and delicious beds. However, the rooms are modern and so well equipped that the über exploited Swiss chalet feeling is toned down just right. The bathrooms are simply amazing. The kind of look you will pursue if you were decorating your second home: huge shower, lots of place to scatter all your makeup products, delicate ochre tones and the perfect fluffy towels.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_8Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_13Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_23Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_10Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_14The views deserve a paragraph on their own. The majestic mountains that surrounded Cortina d’Ampezzo in all their glory. They reflected the morning and sunset light in a way that left us speechless every time, displaying the most beautiful pink and orange shades. No wonder, since they say that these mountain used to be coral barriers. And, just to add the perfect postcard feeling, some beautiful cottages were dotted here and there in the woods. Unfortunately, we didn’t find snow, as we had expected. However, the frozen dew made the views quite magical. We tried to enjoy our terrace as much as possible but it was difficult though: the temperatures were pretty cold and the spa, awaiting in the ground floor, was too tempting.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_25Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_27Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_26Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_24Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_15The spa. One of the highlights of this resort, undoubtedly (no pictures taken for obvious reasons). It has the most spectacular premises. A huge, warm, silent swimming pool, three different saunas, showers, lounges… And all the teas and healthy snacks you can ask for. Even the most nervous person in the world will fall asleep in that tepid, calm atmosphere. We may or may not have napped after reading all the old Conde Nast Traveller issues that we brought with us. Add that to the wonderful facial treatment for sensitive skin we had done and you get a proper beauty sleep. Because, of course, you have to book an appointment for one of the hundreds of massages and treatments their specialists offer. It’s absolutely mandatory. And don’t leave without trying their natural products, both the amenities you’ll find in your room, and the lotions and creams you can buy at the spa.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_21Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_20We’ve come so far without talking about the food. Let’s wait no longer. Breakfast is continental but has a wonderful selection of cheeses and cold meats, breads, yogurts, cereals, pastries and fruit. Enough to make any gourmet happy, even if the gourmet is gluten intolerant, for there is a gluten free corner. You will find a small menu that offers some warm dishes, mainly omelets and crepes, as well. However, these have an additional cost, which came as a surprise bearing in mind this is a five start resort.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_19Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_18Last week we introduced you to the hotel’s restaurant La Corte del Lampone (read the article here). Since we had booked half board with our accommodation we dined every night at the resort. From the gorgeous decor to the extremely kind staff, everything is planned to make your dinner the perfect ending for your day. The chef has put together a small but excellent menu with seasonal, local produce which is supposed to be enjoyed slowly, with a nice conversation and a glass of wine. The atmosphere feels special from the moment you nibble the freshly baked grisini that welcome the guests in every table.Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_34Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_29The rich and decadent risotto was outstanding and the pumpkin cream was out of this world. Every dish on the menu is delicate and is served in a sort of ritual that involves silver trays, cream linen and a surprising choreography between the waiters. But the best moment comes with dessert. The Montblac is the mandatory choice. A brilliant ball of chocolate that melts under a cascade of caramel sauce to reveal a heart of chestnut cream and a base of the softest meringue. Pure pleasure.
Rosapetra-Hotel---Montblanc-DessertFortunately there is a state-of-the- art gym on the premises, located right next to the spa and with gorgeous mountain views. This comes in handy to burnt all those extra calories. But if the guest is more inclined to outdoor sports, there is always the beautiful trail that passes right in front of the hotel. Oddly enough, we used to get up early and get our work out done, have a shower, a hearty breakfast… and hike vigorously along the trail to the center of Cortina afterwards. It could be said that Rosapetra Spa Resort can be the place to relax and gain a few extra pounds for the Winter or detox (the Mediterranean Sauna will help you with that) and release your inner Kayla Itsines.
Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_7Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_22Hotel_Rosapetra_Cortina_D'Ampezzo_16Rosapetra Spa Resort simply has it all: the kindest and most polite staff, who books tables for you in the most charming mountain shelters and doesn’t make you feel bad when your credit card doesn’t work during check out (thank you Carmine!). Flawless, beautiful premises that, once you get home, you will see as the setting for a few fashion editorials in your mum’s favorite magazine. Spotless rooms and bathrooms that will make every hypochondriac, control freak feel safe and clean. In fact, you will be surprised by how every time you turn your head or look in another direction, something has been cleaned, polished or fluffed. Impressive. And a great location, walking distance from the center of the village, but remote enough to be the perfect scenario for your dreamed getaway surrounded by the most splendid nature.


  1. Looks absolutely great! I just love all the resorts in the Alps, but this one looks particularly great! Thanks a lot for the review :)

    • Thank you! We absolutely loved it. We are already planning a new stay in this resort. We are sure that the mountains will look spectacular in Spring!

  2. Woah, the hotel looks incredible! And of course the Dolomites are beautiful…I was in Campiglio last month and fell in love with the scenery!

    • We were there a few weeks ago! We had the best time! If you live near by or happen to visit often you have to make a stop at Rosapetra!

  3. And now to find a babysitter for the weekend… sigh… I wish I was there and not about to embark on 2 weeks as a “single parent” (husband away for work). It looks amazing. It looks exactly what you girls needed. X

    • Oh my! Good luck! :/ Maybe you can have some days away afterwards? You will deserve it! By the way, this Resort could be fun for kids too. They are allowed in the swimming pool until 4 pm (it’s a very quiet spa but you can have kids splashing in the pool during the mornings and there is plenty of nature to play around!

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