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Post-holidays glow

After our stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Madrid and Sevilla, Germany has welcomed us with temperatures of -16ºC. You can say that our skin has been and is suffering. Add the lack of sleep, the flights, the holidays, the big meals … and you have two dull faces fighting to look good with the help of makeup but actually looking like this instead. So in order to make things right and, you know, #newyearsresolutions, we’re trying to stick with a nice weekly ritual that involves these two masks.

One of them is really moisturising and it’s my absolute favourite. I have extremely sensitive, dry skin and this mask just calms my face. Besides, it gives me an “I just have spend a day at the spa” radiance. I’m a huge fan of Clarins ( I can’t live without this serum or this body lotion) so when I need a new skin saviour I always gravitate towards their products. Once again, I’ve found what I was looking for: the HydraQuench mask is made specifically for dehydrated skin and it is both comforting and refreshing. So if you have spent a few days in the slopes or you are planning a trip to somewhere wery windy or cold, you could use some of this afterwards.

Then we have the Clear Improvement charcoal mask by Origins. This is perfect if you have been dancing, drinking a few drinks more than your average Mojito-once-in-a-while, eating lots of sweets or spending a few days in Madrid (unfortunately the polution levels were disgusting). If you have had a city break or a bring-on-the-Christmas-parties holidays, this mask will help you clean your pores and get a beautiful, smoother skin.

Of course, drink your water and eat your veggies for a better skin. But a little help doesn’t hurt! So this weekend we’ll be pampering our skin a little bit after all the excess, Winter sun and late nights. Our ritual: these masks, some music, a few candles, our favourite magazines… we have a plan!


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