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The best restaurants, hotels and sights of 2015

Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Madrid, Sevilla, Trentino, Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo have been our destinations this year. Not bad! We’ve put together a recap of our favourite restaurants, hotels and sights in case you are planning a trip to one of those fantastic places next year!
We challenged Winter and decided to visit Stockholm at the beginning of the year. We found a low cost flight and without thinking too much we booked a long weekend in the city. It’s sunsets, it’s charming old town and the wonderful Skeppsholmen hotel were the highlights of our trip.Around_Stockholm_20 Here you have a few articles we published that might be useful if you are heading to Stockholm this year:
10 things we loved about Stockholm and 22 pictures to prove it.
Stockholm sunsets
Stockholm’s old town
Hotel Skeppsholmen, the best hotel in Stockholm if you like casual vibes and understated luxury.
And where to find the best meatballs in Stockholm!Gamla_Stan_Stockholm_13And, of course, we went back to Copenhagen. We discovered so many beautiful places this year that we decided to published the first slow paced guide! We dedicated our first guide to this wonderful city that has stolen our hearts. You can have a look at the full guide here, which includes 10 restaurants, a food market, 4 hotels for 4 different budgets and lots of activities to make the most of your stay!
In May we collaborated with our favourite hotel in Copenhagen, SP34 and our favourite restaurants, Geist. We can say that those collaborations were the absolute highlights of the year for the blog!Hotel_SP34_15

Geist_18And since you really liked our slow paced guide to Copenhagen, a few months later we published our slow paced guide to London! It sums up everything we love about this vibrant city: food, shops, museums and hotels.Rosewood_Market_13london_may_2015_15Last May we spent a lovely long weekend with our friends in London. That’s when we discovered two fantastic markets: the Southbank centre market and the Slow Food and Living market. Both are completely different and show two of the many sides of London. Oh, London… you are great! We really hope to come back in 2016! Specially to eat the absolutely scrumptious Mac and cheese in Spuntino!Spuntino_London_10Of course, we went back to our hometowns. Madrid and Seville have always a special place in this blog! Here you have a few articles about our new discoveries…
Our go-to Italian restaurant in Madrid, Flavia.
The swimming pool with the best views of Madrid.Flavia_Madrid_2Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_11And about Seville…
5 things you can do in Seville, pure hedonism.
A hip Japanese restaurant, in case you are tired of tapas.
How to enjoy Easter in Seville
A gourmet market by the river, Mercado lonja del Barranco.
And our wonderful wedding weekend in Seville, if you’d like to reminisce with us!Barranco_Market_Sevilla_9Sevilla_Wedding_12If you follow us, you should know that no year is completed without a visit to Italy. This year was no exception!
I spent just five hours in Venice, but I tried to make the most of it. Here you have my tips for a hectic yet fun day in Venice.
And I made a beautiful road trip through the mountains in Trentino, which was absolutely breathtaking.Venice_Summer_2015_1Lavarone_2Cortina d’Ampezzo was our last destination and it was beyond beautiful. We still haven’t had the time to share with you our amazing trip, though, but stay tuned! In the meantime, you can have a sneek peak on Instagram or Twitter!
Well, these were the travel highlights of our 2015! Of course, we are already thinking about new possible adventures for 2016. We will be looking for inspiration in our own moodboards…Will we finally made it to New York? Should we dare to book that flight to Australia? We’ll see… In any case, we hope you’ll come along! We’ll keep on sharing our passion for the art of slow travel!

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