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We are very happy to be back in Spain. We’ve had a weekend full of friends, great food and a little bit of Christmas shopping. Since we still had to buy a few presents, we decided to visit the Slowrevolution market, the Christmas pop up and amazing new project of Federica & Co. If you don’t live in Spain you probably won’t know what that is. Well, let us explain…

Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_1Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_7Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_6Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_5Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_4During a few years Federica & Co. was established in a little courtyard in Madrid. It was a space full of beautiful things: flowers, decor, clothes… Everything was extremely tasteful and unique. Sadly, this wonderful corner of magic closed, but now, until January 5th, we can enjoy the wonders of Federica & Co.’s philosophy and style in a hidden garage in Madrid.Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_3Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_2Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_8Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_9Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_10Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_11Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_12Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_13Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_14In just one space you will find fun prints, vintage clothes, the most beautiful furniture, delicate household linens, gourmet products, dainty jewellery and a lovely trattoria… among other things! All the vendors follow the Federica & Co’s concept and attitude: enjoy the small things in life, take it slow and appreciate the details.

And, well, that happens to be our motto!Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_15Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_16Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_17Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_18Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_20Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_21Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_22We spent a lovely morning, bought a couple of things and took a thousand pictures. The place is so atmospheric! We specially love the prints of Bandide (we bought this one), the sponge cakes of Un bizcocho para Teo, which sadly only delivers in Madrid, and the super soft and cute Hop Socks.Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_23Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_24Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_25Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_26Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_27Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_28Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_29Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_30Slow_Revolution_Federica&Co_31We wish there will be more initiatives like this one. Places to forget all the madness and problems, to savour a nice cheese platter, buy local, talk quietly for a while and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. So, if you happen to visit Madrid during these holidays, do take part in this wonderful slowrevolution!


    • It’s a great pop up! Sadly, oly open unitl 5th January. But they are opening a shop in the North of Spain, I’ll keep you posted in case they open an online store, so you can treat yourself ;)

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