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2015 Recipe recap

It’s that time of the year again.  The moment we look back and remember… what we’ve eaten and cooked! To be honest we are quite impressed by the number of recipes that we’ve managed to publish here! It’s been an hectic year with lots of work, but most of our Sundays were spent in the kitchen, trying new recipes. 2015 was the year of healthy cooking. Yes, we have shared with you a surprisingly high number of low carb, full of veggies, yet delicious dishes. But we’ve also had time to induldge… you know, just to find the right balance ;) Here you have our 2015 recipe recap! And it’s a long one!

Cauliflower_Tabbouleh_2In 2015 we discovered one of our favourite cookbooks ever: The art of eating well. We can’t recommend it enough! It will make a great Christmas present, by the way. We have eaten lots of vegetables, chicken and eggs. We have fight against the coconut oil crazyness and we have continued cooking with good old extra virgin olive oil. In case you want a little bit of healthy but absolutely full of flavour inspiration…
Broccoli, Pea and Basil soup. Do you know that lazy feeling when you come back home after a hard day of work, it’s raining and you just want to sit on the sofa and eat something warm and tasty? Well, this soup has you covered.
Moroccan chicken stew. This dish has been the star of our menus in 2015! We’ve prepared it almost every single week!
Chicken curry, the lightest version, that is.
You know we try to cook seasonal, so here you have a perfect Spring menu.
Who doesn’t love brunch? We made an amazing brunch salad with poached eggs that is a great alternative to your average Eggs Benedict.
Gazpacho_5One of our most wieved posts this year was our gazpacho recipe. Because even though there are as many gazpacho recipes as families are in Andalucía, we shared ours with you.
We found a new love for cauliflower. This tabbouhleh proves it.
We prepared this Winter salad for our friends and they loved it. Even though they are not salad people!
And talking about salads, this quinoa and roasted vegetables salad is absolutely perfect and fulfilling and delicious and you should prepare it right now!
Double_Baked_Fries_4These oven baked fries were a highlight of our year. Really.
One more salad? But of course! Red cabbage, apple, cranberries, bacon and caramelised walnuts. What’s not to love?
And the last recipe of this healthy round: the tastiest egg whites omelette!
chocolate_chips_cookies_1Of course, there was baking and chocolate too. There always has to be chocolate.
We did a chocolate chip cookies bake off that ended up with stomach ache, but it hurted so good…
I’ve lost count of the times we’ve baked this banana bread this year.
April 6th was a very important day if you love chocolate and follow this blog. We shared my incredible (if I may say so myself) old school chocolate mousse recipe.
chocolate_mousse_5We did baked a few cakes. This was the only one that made it to the blog, though.
We did published a classic Focaccia Veneziana, a rum infused, fragant focaccia better eaten for breakfast dipped in your cappucino.
We didn’t forget those of you who are gluten intolerant. We prepared these gluten free chocolate lime squares for you.
But if you love gluten, as we do, you might find these Nutella puff pastries interesting ;)
And on a healthy sweet note, we recently published this breakkie recipe: apple compote with vanilla yogurt and cinnamon crumbs.
Autumn_Breakfast_2Finally, the best cookies we’ve ever baked and eaten. These Christmas cookies are everything you need and more. I have promised myself I will bake them all year long because they are so, so, so good.
But maybe you like to indulge with salty and savoury treats? Well, this year we did a few pretty tasty recipes for you then…
Calzoni_alla_Vicentina_1Starting with this asparagus and potato tart, which was perfect for picnic season.
These ugly little pies were one of P’s favourites of the year. They might not look like much, but these little bacon, egg and cheddar pies are perfect.
We collaborated with Callwey Verlag and created these amazing Calzoni alla Vicentina for them.
We prepared some nice Sunday lunches, like this sticky chicken thighs and this peach and chicken salad.
Mushroom_Toast_3And finally, two of our favourite recipes of the year: the most decadent mushroom and mountain cheese toast (absolutely perfect for Winter nights) and these beautiful Moroccan eggs.
Moroccan_Eggs_7See? We’ve cooked a lot! We really hope you’ve enjoyed these recipes as much as we enjoyed eating them!
Here’s to a tasty Christmas season and a new year full of flavour!


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