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Christmas cards DIY 2015!

During the past few years we’ve been making our own Christmas Cards. It’s part of our Advent ritual: we buy our Advent Wreath, we listen to classic carrols and we prepare the cards we sent afterwards to our best friends and family. (We’ve shared the ones we did last year, and the year before that, do you remember them?) However, we thought we weren’t going to make it this time. With lots of work, even of weekends, we hardly had time for anything. But in the end we made it! So here you have our Christmas Cards DIY 2015!

Christmas_Cards_2015_1This year it had to be super easy. We were buried in work, but we wanted to make something simple, yet cute and festive for our loved ones. And then it came to our minds: stickers! It doesn’t get easier that that… and they are kind of childish. And since Christmas is supposed to be the time when we release our inner childs, we went for it.
Christmas_Cards_2015_6We opted for the most classical themes and colours: red and deep green. We had fun choosing and combining different motifs: reindeers, Christmas trees, snowflakes… And we used a golden marker to write our season greetings inside the cards. Finally, the result was really different from the cards we’d made before. We think they are fun and, again, a little bit child-like, but our only hope is to make our friends and family smile when they see them. Christmas_Cards_2015_7We also added a cute round sticker to close every envelope. Of course, this sticker matches the stickers inside. It had to be easy, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t put attention to the details ;)
Christmas_Cards_2015_4This is the easiest DIY ever, we think. But maybe it inspire you to prepare something similiar (Maybe with your little ones? Nephews? Nieces? Sons? Daughters?) and surprise your family and friends. You still have time! Nowadays, getting post feels so special and thoughtful, don’t you think? So make your loved ones feel important. That’s what Christmas is for!


  1. AlinaLoves says

    Ahhh this is such a good idea! Hopefully I will try and make my own cards next year, I’m too late to do this this year!

    • We’ve been making our own cards for the last three years and we love it! We like to think that our frineds and family wait for them every year! :)

    • Thank you Jana! By the way, I’ve been browsing your blog (really nice!) and I have to say that we are also hooked on Blindspot!!!

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