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Lately I’ve been wearing this look on repeat. Basic and neutral. Perfect for extra long days at work. November has been crazy and I just didn’t have the time or energy to get creative. So almost every morning, I’ve chosen my Max Mara glasses (retro vibe), my leo print scarf (neutral as goddess Jenna Lyons said) and my two new makeup essentials (yep, makeup again!). 

The first essential this month has been the Lancome Grandiôse mascara. Since I have the tiniest eyes, mascara is absolutely imperative to show people that I’m awake. Otherwise, my eyes seem to be closed all the time and I just don’t want my new boss to think that I sleep at work. So, one coat of this mascara and full lashes on, bright open eyes! Besides, the applicator is fantastic to avoid those awful, messy black patches on my nose and cheeks that are so tipically me.

And that Dior quad… It’s all Paule’s fault. I saw those subtle beautiful colours on her and I felt the urge to have it. I needed a few months to find that exact quad (well, actually it was a birthday present :) but when I did I just understood her infatuation with it. It’s called Montaigne and it’s perfect. Period.

So these have been my November basics. Of course, December will be different. Pijamas all day, everyday!  Well, the glasses stay because without them I’m as blind as a bat and I have to see exactly where all the Christmas treats are hidden!


  1. paulemk says

    It was collecting dust in my drawer, because I was testing out those marc jacobs stick. But it is out again! And I can’t stop going back to it. Thanks! 😉 #firstlove

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