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Egg whites omelette

During the last few weeks we’ve been trying to exercise more and eat less sugar, carbs and fat. It’s been awful. But, on the positive side, we’ve discovered a couple of recipes that are extremily delicious and quite appropriate for our new fitness journey. This one is our favourite.

This egg whites omelette if packed with proteins and, surprisingly, full of flavour. You will need just a few minutes to prepare it which is exactly what you need if it’s late, you’ve been working out and you are hangry. Yes, hangry (work out + hunger + long day at the office = hangry).

Egg_white_omelette_1For two omelettes you’ll need:
Dried parsley
Dried dill
4 egg whites
50 gr. Feta cheese
Handful of fresh coriander leaves


Whisk two egg whites and add dried parsley and dill to taste. Heat a non-stick pan and pour the egg white mix. Spread out the mix as if you were trying to make a thin crepe.
Flip it when the edges start to brown. leave it for a few seconds more and slide the omelelette to a plate.
Crumble over 25 gr. feta cheese and sprinkle with coriander leaves. And that’s all! You can roll up your omelette or eat it like that. Repeat the same process to cook your second omelette.
It’s absolutely delicious and it doubles as a healthy brunch option!



    • Hi Riv! Let us know if you try it! We usually eat this omelette with a bowl of gazpacho and we actually love this healthy menu. You can check our gazpacho recipe on the blog too!

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