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Last week a reader asked me on the comment section why I can’t go to Thailand. Well, if someone reads this blog and asks me a question, I’m happy to oblige. So here you have the story…

My grandmother was a brave woman. She moved to Spain after World War II because she fell in love with my grandfather. Communications weren’t great at that time, imagine how difficut travelling through Europe was! That didn’t stop her and she would go back to Italy every Summer to visit her family. She used to cross Europe by train, at first, and then by plane. Of course, as the time went by she added one, then two and finally three kids to that experience. Unfortunately, my grandfather couldn’t go with her because he couldn’t leave his office, so most of the times she used to travel alone with the kids. She didn’t care. She was brave. Just to give you an example, she started flying when only military planes were allow to fly. But she did whatever it took to go back to Italy and visit her family.

Now, you can see that my grandmother was brave and well-traveled. She always encouraged me to travel and so did my mum. But when I was fifteen, a friend of my grandmother lost her daughter in Thailand. She was kidnapped in a shop, when she was trying on some clothes in a dressing room and she was never to be found. That day, my grandmother made me promise that I would never go to Thailand. She insisted the day after. And the day after that. She also made my cousins promise they would never go to Thailand. They didn’t pay attention to her, but I did. And after seeing her so worried, I made her that promise.

So, there you go. I can’t visit Thailand. Of course I know it’s a wonderful country and it’s safe, but I made a promise to my grandmother! Anyone else has random reasons to visit (or not to) any particular country?

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  1. Summer Daisy says

    So sad that your grandmother’s friend lost her daughter♥

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