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The red hat

So I have a red hat. Not big news, I know, but I just love my red hat so much that I decided to post about it. Because it’s Wednesday and it’s been a difficult week and there are really terrible things happening in the world and I just don’t know how to cope with it.

So I’m going to talk about my red hat. It’s gorgeous, it makes me stand out in the crowd – which is actually quite a thing since I’m minion sized- and keeps my ideas warm and flowing. My red hat makes me feel artsy. Even though I’m a bit worried about looking like a Pharrell wannabe, it makes me look all put together and super cool. And since I think we all have to defend everything that makes us feel good, I’m determined to wear my red hat as much as I can. Because it makes me happy, it’s colourful and celebrates life. A life where I can meet fantastic artists thanks to my job and speak about philosophy, politics and culture, a life that allows me to go to amazing restaurants and enjoy life with my wife, family and friends. I can travel every now and then, dance in the kitchen, read amazing books and dream with new adventures. A life so beautiful and wonderful that I feel so grateful I could cry. And this is just a post about a red hat. But also this blog is just about savouring life through little things, slowly, knowingly. And those small things are very important. That’s why this red hat is so important.
And by the way, you can buy your own red hat here. There are other colours. It doesn’t have to be red. The best thing about it is that everyone can wear its own particular hat, just how they like. Because it’s nice to have different people with different hats. It makes a great conversation starter and we should talk more about our different hats. Let’s be superficial like that, let’s start talking about our hats. Maybe that get us talking about other things…


  1. I’ve been wanting a red hat but haven’t yet found the perfect one that fits my head properly. Most affordable hats are too big for my head!

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