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Where to travel in 2016

The other day I stumbled upon an article on The Telegraph about the hot destinations for 2016. Already? But we still have a lot of time until Christmas. Wait a minute! Christmas is around the corner! And with Christmas comes the urge to review all the things we’ve done and all the things we want to do next year. Travelwise, our year has been completely different from what we planned. Look at this article we posted on December 2015… We never travelled to Mallorca or Rome, but we did manage to visit Stockholm. Only in March, not in Summer. And we did visit Berlín and Seville but this year we won’t be able to visit London in Christmas.

Life got in the way. So even though we admire those travel blogs full of new destinations and determination to visit faraway countries, the truth is we struggle to squeeze a few getaways in our schedule. Now that everyone is questioning the truth about those perfect social media feeds, we want to be honest. We don’t know what we will do in 2016.  As much as we want to visit Australia, we still don’t know if we are going to make it. And I gave up on New York. After so many unsuccessful attempts it’s simply not going to happen. We have our careers and our families and thousand commitments that make travelling almost impossible. Lately we’ve been dreaming about quitting our jobs and escape. I even created a board on Pinterest about it. It all began after watching Wild. And after a terrible year at work, we must admit.

But back to that 2016 hotlist: Colombia, Kenya and Finland were on the first places. Australia was there too. And Thailand and Nova Scotia. And Peru and the Artic.  Exotic, beautiful destinations. We would love to go to Peru for the food, mainly. We would love to see the Northern lights in Finland. We would love to play with giraffes in Kenya and spend a couple of days in this resort in Australia. Sadly, I can’t visit Thailand because I made a promise to my grandmother (Did I tell you that story already?) but Nova Scotia and the Artic would be a dream of huge knits and penguins.

While all those destinations sound fantastic, they are just unrealistic for our lives. We would be happy if we could go back to Paris, get to know the South of France or maybe visit Brittany. I would be ok if only I could spend a few days in Venice. Maybe lay down for a few hours under the sun on the beach, preferably on the Mediterranean. Because this is our life: simple, ordinary and with some getaways to look forward to. Maybe one day we would have the chance to follow a long-haul adventure, but for now, this will have to do. And it’s fine by me. Somedays I feel that we are trapped in our lonely life, with more work than we can handle and problems we just can’t solve. But if we stop for a minute and think, we really appreciate theis slow living and everything we have. So even if the destinations are not exotic, we will keep on travelling in 2016 following our very own slow pace.

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  1. There is no apology required for slow living! In the last few years I have been making an effort to see more of the UK and not flying off so much to distant lands – except when I see my family, because that is absolutely necessary – and it has been wonderful. It’s not always the best weather, but I’ve revelled in it … as long as I have the right clothes. Finding the magic in the ordinary. That’s my travel mantra nowadays.

    • We love your mantra! Specially after the terrible news this weekend, we have to be happy with the small things in life! We have to enjoy it to the max!

    • Staycations are great too! And yes, travelling can be so difficult if you have a corporate job. This week, for instance, I’ve worked from Monday to Saturday evening! Sigh!

  2. I also subscribe to the slow pace of life. It’s great! I never feel like I have to do anything or go anywhere. I just do what I want when I want. My husband and I are already planning the places we will visit when the kids have moved out and we are pensioners. Btw, our kids are 2 and 4…

    • Well, it’s obvious you like planning! ;) We also think about where we can go when we are pensioners…. Tuscany is high on that over 60 bucket list. What about you?

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