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Hammam, by Rituals

Do you remember my thoughts on Spinning? Well, one of the few reasons why I like it (sort of) is that glorious shower that comes afterwards. You enter the shower feeling all miserable and achy and go out refreshed and relaxed. Actually, I’d say that’s my favourite thing about sports. That and the feeling of “oh, it doesn’t matter I just went to the gym” when you’ve just finished your third (meaning thirteenth) cookie. You needed the sugar, after all.

For that “I’m a new person” shower we’ve been using the Hamam line by Rituals and it’s so good and we love it so much that we had to talk about it to the void/ auditorium that the Internet is. We started using the Hamam hot scrub, which is simply a spa in a jar. And then we added the shower paste. Let me describe the scrub: it smells deliciously minty with a tad of ginger, it’s the right amount of rough (salt scrubs are the best I think) and leaves your skin super moisturised. It reminds me a little bit of this scrub, which used to be my favourite. It’s the closest thing to a Moroccan Hammam experience you’ll get inside your shower.

But now we’ve added the Ultra Hydrating Shower Paste. It’s basically a shower gel but denser and you don’t rinse it directly after applying. You use the shower paste, then scrub and, finally, rinse. And then you are as fresh and smooth as a mint ice cream. And afterwards, you can curl up in your pijamas and have your cookie(s). You’ve earned it.

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