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Today is Friday, the weather is crispy and there is a beautiful, faded sunlight that shines through the fog. Work has been hard this week but we’ve had great results and I’ve been able to balance all the crazynes with my French lessons. So after a couple of hard months, things are looking up. Besides, we are planning a little trip before Christmas so we are really excited. Our first thought was something like this, in fact one of the first posts of the blog, back in 2012, was about that fantastic resort. We were dreaming about a white Christmas, hot chocolate and soft blankets. But then we thought about other possibilities: what about a romantic train adventure? That’s when we remembered the most fabulous of them all, the Orient Express. This train has always been part of my travel phantasies: when I was a child I would see my mum reading old Agatha Christie novels and she would tell me about the misterious Orient Express, how sophisticated and elegant it was. Then it was feautured in so many movies and… who doesn’t remember that beautiful Chanel campaign with Audrey Tatou in the Orient Express?

So did you know that apart from the classic routes from Paris to Venice or from Paris to Istambul, they offer day trips to London or Paris and from 2016 they will open a new line between London and Berlin?

Of course it’s pricey, but it’s unique. Maybe this trip will remain in our fantasy for a while, but we know that some day we will experience the intrigue, luxury and romanticism of this historical train. Remembering the golden age of travel could be the best way to celebrate an anniversary or the most romantic holidays, don’t you think?



  1. I didn’t know that they are going to open a London-Berlin line in 2016 ! I’ll have to monitor. I love train travel, even if it isn’t in the same luxury realm as the Orient Express.

    • We love it too! We’ve had our problems with trains since we live in Germany (the service is horrible here) but it’s our favourite way of travel!

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