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Copenhagen cruise

Copenhagen is a wonderful city that never cease to amaze us. Every time we’ve visited the Danish capital we’ve discovered new corners, restaurants, shops and things to do. A couple of weeks ago we got up early, wrapped up and headed to Nyhavn to board in a little cruise that showed us a majestic Copenhagen that we’d never seen before. 
Cruise_Copenhagen_1We left a still asleep Nyhavn and sailed to the waters that surround the city. We saw Copanhagen waking up, we felt the warm sun in our faces, we let the wind mess with our hair and we enjoyed the experience with the biggest smile in our faces. There wasn’t a better way to start our day!
Cruise_Copenhagen_8Cruise_Copenhagen_12Click on the images to enlarge them and feel the sea breeze!Cruise_Copenhagen_9Cruise_Copenhagen_10Cruise_Copenhagen_3Cruise_Copenhagen_4I wonder what these two were talking about…
Cruise_Copenhagen_7Cruise_Copenhagen_6The Standard! Not only a beautiful building but also a great place to have lunch. Read our article about it here.
Cruise_Copenhagen_5Cruise_Copenhagen_13Cruise_Copenhagen_15We finally understood why the Black Diamond is called the Black Diamond! The reflections of the water sparkling on the smooth black marble were incredibly beautiful. I’m not the biggest fan of contemporary architecture but this building is simply stunning.
Cruise_Copenhagen_16Cruise_Copenhagen_17Cruise_Copenhagen_18We remembered the sunset cruise we made in Amsterdam and thought that sometimes things are popular for a reason. We usually try to avoid everything that feels really touristy, but we have to admit that this kind of cruises are a great option to see the cities you visit from a different perspective. And they are quite fun too! We had a wonderful Italian guide who was hilarious the whole time!


  1. Stunning photos! I keep hearing that Copenhagen is the most amazing city every – it’s definitely on the bucket list!

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