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Tivoli, Copenhagen

Even though we have visited Copenhagen several times we never had the chance to spend a joyful day at Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park that has been there to make every adult and child in Copenhagen happy since 1843. During a few hours we were amazed by a wonderful little world of fantasy hidden in the center of the city. Here you have a few pictures of our the afternoon when we felt like childs again…
 Tivoli_Copenhagen_38Tivoli_Copenhagen_7Tivoli_Copenhagen_9Tivoli_Copenhagen_29Tivoli_Copenhagen_24Tivoli looked just straight out of the craziest a fairy tale. Lots of colours, flowers, a beautiful pond with Chinese vibes on one shore and a pirate ship on the other, thousands of ice cream shops, vintage balloons and a charming Youth Guard Parade. Tivoli_Copenhagen_37Tivoli_Copenhagen_35Tivoli_Copenhagen_31Tivoli_Copenhagen_30Tivoli_Copenhagen_12We run from one ride to another, we took a thousand pictures (the place is ridiculously photogenic) and we enjoyed some of the most beautiful and unexpected sights of Copenhagen. The view of the townhall was absolutely perfect…
Tivoli_Copenhagen_36Tivoli_Copenhagen_18Tivoli_Copenhagen_19Tivoli_Copenhagen_22Tivoli_Copenhagen_21Tivoli_Copenhagen_32Tivoli_Copenhagen_28Just before leaving we had the chance to enjoy the majestic yet adorable Youth Guard Parade… Tivoli_Copenhagen_33Tivoli_Copenhagen_16And with the happy music still echoing in our ears, we admired the sunset and left Tivoli Gardens with a huge smile on our face.
Tivoli_Copenhagen_6Tivoli_Copenhagen_1Of course we bought a little souvenir that got us thinking… how wonderful will it be spending a Christmas day here?


  1. Uff, qué bonito!
    Tengo tantos países nórdicos en la lista de viajes futuros que no sé ni por donde empezar…


    • Hola Mireia! Nosotras estamos requeteenamoradas de Copenhagen. Es precioso! Estocolmo también es maravilloso, pero es más grande y más ciudad. Copenhagen es más chiquitín pero con más encanto. Nosotras tenemos pendiente Oslo. la próxima primavera quizás? ;) Si te animas con Copenhagen (que deberías porque además de precioso es muy child friendly) tenemos un montón de recomendaciones en el blog :)

  2. aladyinlondon says

    Great post! Looks like you really enjoyed it. I visited a few years ago and had a lot of fun. It’s such a lively place!

    • Well, then you are brave!!!! The ride with the little airplanes that went upside down and in circles lookes like a nightmare to me!!!

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