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Oven baked fries

Double_Baked_Fries_7Autumn is the best season for comfort food. These first cold days are perfect for curling up in the sofa with a soft blanket, a good book or a good film and… something yummy, comforting and carb loaded, because if it has no carbs, it isn’t comfort food. Those first afternoons under the blanket and those first warm succulent bites are particularly nice now, mostly because they feel distinct and original, just like the smell of brand new books in September. This season this is our go to recipe when we feel peckish and we are in front of the tv or a good book. It can also be a great side dish for your Autumn meals and, even though they are the epitome of extra comforting, these fries are a little bit healthier than your average fries because they are not fried. They are baked!

Double_Baked_Fries_3We found the recipe via Pinterest. We are truly addicted to Pinterest, just so you now. (Follow us along if you want here!). It´s a great place to find new recipes and while some of them can be challenging, this recipe is really easy. It takes a while because the secret to their crispyness is the double bake, but the time spent is so, so worth it!

Double_Baked_Fries_2You can change the seasoning and use the spices that you prefer. We went for classic, trustworthy oregano, salt and pepper, but we are so looking forward to trying Indian flavours or even adding spicy Mexican touches. So many possibilities!!!



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    • They are really good and crispy! Besides, you can change the spicies to adapt the recipe to your liking. We love the usual thyme, oregano and basil combo, but you can try all the spices you want!

      • OldCountryGirl says

        Thanks and sounds great. I`m not a big fan of deep frying store bought frozen French Fries at home. This recipe sounds interesting to try out!

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