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Moodboard: York

We’ve just back from our holidays in Copenhagen and we can’t help but thinking about packing our bags and going somewhere else. Severe case of Wanderlust… And since Autumn is my favourite season I can think of million places where I would love to see the changing colours of the trees. One place that is very close to our hearts and that, for some reason, hasn’t been on the blog yet is York. We met in this magnificent city and we’ve never came back since then.


York is one of those places where you immediately feel in love. The architecture, the melancholic parks, the adorable cafes, the incredible heritage… Every feauture makes it perfect for an Autumn weekend getaway. The York Minster is absolutely stunning and, according to the legend, all couples that kiss under the ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ window – located within the cathedral’s Great West Window – will stay together forever. For us it’s been 14 years so far… and counting!

A stroll through the Shambles and a delicate afternoon tea at Betty’s could be the most charming plan for an Autumn Saturday. A ghost walk could be fun for Halloween. The Aesthetica Short Film festival could be your plan B if it rains a lot. And one of its many parks could be the perfect scenario for that romantic Autumn walk every couple has dreamt of: all bundled up in soft knits wearing Wellies.

Oh York, we must go back!


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