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Dühne: the worst day of Summer

We are already in full Autumn mood so we’ve been reminiscing a little bit about this Summer that has gone by pretty quickly and barely noticed. It hasn’t been our most memorable Summer, but we’ve spent some great moments that were the reason why we posted a few articles: wonderful meals, afternoons by the swimming pool, Italian road trips and a few hours in Venice. However, I’ve been thinking that most travel blogs don’t mention epic travel fails and, well, we had one this year so I thought we should share it with you and laugh about it together. Because not everything in life is Instagram worthy!However, that was exactly my intention one sunny Saturday in July. We have planned a little day trip to Nordeney, a beautiful island in the North see. I had prepared a gorgeous picnic basket: salads in jars, matchy-matchy plates and napkins, our red picnic blanket with white polka dots… And of course, we took our cameras with us because everything was going to be Pinterest gold!

So we met our friends at 9 o’clock, jumped in the car and started our trip with energy, even though it was 30º, 80% humidity and the air condition was not working. But it didn’t matter! It was going to be fun! But somehow it was 11 and we hadn’t arrived to Norden, the village where we were supposed to take the ferry. How come? Well, we suddenly noticed a sign which indicated that we were 250 km away from our destination. What the what????

Maybe our GPS went crazy or maybe the five thousand works in Germany’s roads were to blame but there we were. In a gas station asking for directions. Obviously, no one helped. This is Germany after all… Ok, so we needed a plan B. Nordeney was out of the question but we could still head to Dühne, a sea side town half and hour away. We had been there once and we had a nice time so we jumped in the car again and we sang along Tina Turner all the way to Dühne.

Half an hour later we were there. Together with half the population of Northern Germany. Of course, there was no place to park the car. Our friends kindly left us at the beach and kept on looking for a parking. One hour later they found a spot. It should be noticed that it was 30º, 80% humidity and the air condition was not working. Our poor friends arrived exhausted and suggested that we should eat in a restaurant. But I was determined to have my picnic on the beach. So off they went to find a nice restaurant and we stayed at the beach.

That was a TERRIBLE idea. The water was filthy, there were no waves, therefore no sea breeze, and it was hot as hell. A couple of kids were throwing things at us, we were covered in sand and there were no showers to clean up ourselves. But we had our picnic. At least the food was great… After we had our meal I went to a sort of beach bar to look for something fresh to mitigate that oppressive heat and they gave me Pepsi instead of Coke. Unbelievable. And it was warm. Warm! We wanted to be back home, have a shower and forget that the day existed. My Instagram/ Pinterest fantasy vanished under piles of sticky sand.

So we decided to look for our friends and tell them that we wanted to leave. Of course, there was no signal. We tried to communicate with them but it was impossible. So we spent almost an hour trying to find them. When we had a little bit of reception we tried to phone but all we heard was Hel-wher-rest-what??? Frustrating. Again, remember: 30º, 80% humidity. Finally we found each other. I think that was the best part of the day.  We were all tired (they had a terrible experience at the restaurant too) and we walked to the car as fast as we could. That picnic basket was heavy. Ugh. Of course the car was parked almost in the next town.

And in the way back home… it started to rain. No Tina Turner sing along. We just sat in the car laughing and wondering what could have been worst. We finally arrived home, had that long yearned shower and spent the rest of the afternoon browsing Instagram. Obviously we found thousands of pictures that reflected wonderful flawless trips with sandy beaches, luxury resorts and perfect sunsets. Obviously.

PS. Image via. (That was the expectation. Frankly, the reality had freezier hair, sticky sand in every part of her body and there was an annoying kid trying to steal the umbrella).


  1. This post made me smile. Social media can make everything seem perfect all the time, which is not the reality. Perfect fail days should be slept off!

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