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Moodboard: Cassis

September starts today and with it, all the plans for the new year. Because September is the real January, isn’t it? This year, however, we are facing a quite strange September I’d say… We are in that moment of our lives where we have to wait. Life feels like a waiting room and it’s fine with us. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about new destinations. Quite the opposite! If we are in a waiting room, let’s read all the travel magazines!
Lately I’ve been thinking about France a lot. Very strange because, honestly, it has never been among my favourite countries… I even want to start learning French! (See? New goals… that’s what September is for!) And since Cassis has been the star of Instagram this Summer (Lisbon was the queen of Instagram this Spring… it’s funny how travel trends develop thanks to social media) now all I can think about is sailing along the Calanques, spending sunny crispy mornings in the Cassis market and watching life go by from a lovely viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Wouldn’t it be a nice way to make the most of the last days of Summer?

What about you? Any new exciting plans ahead? Or are you just feeling miserable because Summer is almost over?


  1. I do! I actually feel sort of miserable because summer is drawing to an end! And so funny you should say that September is the new January! never pictured it this way but now I can’t get it out of my head anymore haha!

    this year we’ve done zit traveling. A harsh budget can do that to a family :-) but we’re hoping next year will be much better as we have plans to visit our friends in Deutschland and Nederland – also a summer vacay in Greece – I know it all sounds so cliche and un-exciting, but when you have to manage school schedules and budget for 6, it’s actually thrilling haha!

    hm.. may have overshared for a first visit – but I do like your tonic way of writing and describing, compiling and synthesizing so I honestly hope we’d see more of each-other in the blog-future! :-)

    • Hi Cecilia! Thanks for your kind words and, actually, Germany, the Netherlands and Greece does not sound un-exciting at all!!! And if you have a family of 6 we are surprised that you even get out the door!! Respect! ;) Glad you have visited our site and hope to see you back soon!!!

      • thank you, yes, 4 kiddos (and a lot of grey hair for me ;-) ) but we’re trying to make believe we’re a normal family :-)

        definitely coming back, yes!

  2. I love your mood boards ! I’m trying to stretch summer for just one more month into September, but it looks like the weather is winning the battle! But yes, September is a good time to sit down and make plans. I shall do that soon.

    • :D Thank you!!! We might do something at the end of the month, but we are not sure. As we said in the post, everything in our lives now is in stand by so… we’ll see. But I always make plans… it’s in my DNA!!

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