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Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad

What a surprise, you might say. Another Hemsley & Hemsley recipe? Well, since we bought their book we have been hooked. The recipes are super healthy and extremely delicious. And they gave us an excuse to have this for pudding. Or this. Or even this. It’s all about balance, you know ;)
This salad is the very first recipe where we’ve cooked quinoa and it was a great success, if I may say so. It’s seasoned with pesto, so it has a very delicate nutty flavour that pairs beautifully with the roasted vegetables and the unmistakable texture of the quinoa. It has quite a rustic feeling to it and feels absolutely like comfort food.
You can find the recipe here, but we made a few changes: We used extra virgin olive oil, as per usual, and we didn’t make our own pesto. We bought it in a tiny beautiful jar already made and ready to use (Hemsley sisters rolling their eyes now).  Since we find red onions a little too powerful, we added a couple of shallots, that together with the carrots added a nice sweet touch to the dish.
It may not look like much, but it’s a wonderful starter, it could be a great side dish (we’ve served it with grilled chicken a couple of times) and it’s a nice, different option for a salad buffet. And, again, it makes dessert a totally guilt free option.


    • It’s absolutely delicious! I was a bit worried because I had a terrible experience with quinoa before, but this recipe was a wonferful success!!

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