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Cauliflower tabbouhleh & beef meatballs

A year ago we discovered that cauliflower is the most versatile carb substitute and since then we have prepared lots of different wonderful recipes with it: from the famous cauliflower crust pizza to this healthy and delicious lunch. But we’ve found the perfect cauliflower recipe. This tabbouleh is light, fulfilling and it almost beats the original recipe made with bulgur.


Cauliflower_Tabbouleh_7This is our take on this recipe. First of all, we always use extra virgin olive oil, because we come from Spain and because, honestly, extra virgin olive oil is the best and healthiest grease to cook with. Period. We also chose beef over lamb for the meatballs because we are not very fond of its strong flavour. Finally, we add more of lemon to the dressing ( we used the juice of one and a half lemons, instead of one) but reduced the amount of parsley. Yes, we now that originally tabbouhleh is basically a parsley salad but we find it quite difficult to digest.

Cauliflower_Tabbouleh_11We absolutely adore the mix of fresh herbs paired with the rich meat and the light cauliflower. The toppings (finely sliced radishes and roasted seeds) add a wonderful crunchy touch. All in all is a perfectly balanced healthy dish that you can prepare in less than half an hour. What’s not to love?


  1. I’m with you. I might be open to tabbouleh with less parsley. Cauliflower as carbs … to bad honest that’s never occurred to me. I don’t dislike cauliflower but I don’t tend to find myself buying it.

    • I used to treat cauliflower as I treat chard: I don’t hate it but you won’t find it in my fridge. But when we discovered this way to prepare it, it became one of our favorite vegetables! Try it this way or use it to prepare a pizza crust (there are thousand recipes online) and you’ll be a convert too. I promise!

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