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Swimming in Madrid

Today it’s pouring. We woke up to one of those warm humid late Summer mornings that remind you of Autumn. As I walked to the office I saw a few people sipping their coffee all wrapped up in light blankets looking through their windows and staring at the grey sky. Definitely a lazy morning that feels like a farewell to Summer. But with the taste of ice cream still in our palate, with our skin a little bit tanned and with the fresh memories of our holidays in our minds, we publish today these pictures of one of the most amazing swimming pools in Madrid. Because we are looking forward to Autumn, but we already miss the sun, the long days and the bare feet.
Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_2Hotel Emperador is quite the institution in Madrid’s Gran Vía. A classic establishment with a kitsch feel to it, it’s home to one of the treasures of Madrid: a huge , bright blue amazing swimming pool in its rooftop. We decided to make the most of the couple of days we spent in Madrid and had a fantastic day sunbathing, splashing, reading our favourite magazines and drinking Mojitos.  Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_4Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_3And it felt fantastic. We were immediately transported to a beach resort. The music, the cocktails, the sunbeds… everything screamed vacation. But it had a bonus: the views….
Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_7Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_5We knew that the golden hour was going to be impressive, so we focused on our tan, our drinks and our “just relax” policy for the afternoon. Of course, this is a fantastic place to light up your Instagram feed, as we did. So the afternoon went by between short naps, long swims and lots of reading.  because that’s excatly what holidays are for. Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_10Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_12As the sun was setting down we took a thousand pictures of those ochre roofs. We admired the Royal Palace and the Cathedral like we’ve never seen before and we discovered some details of Madrid’s skyline that we couldn’t have appreciated otherwise. The sunset overlooking the city that was our home felt nostalgic, romantic and beautiful.
Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_13Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_14Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_9This is an experience that we are determined to repeat every Summer. One afternoon off, enjoying Madrid from the sky. It’s a bit pricey, though. But if you book your stay at the hotel, as we did, you can access the swimming pool with no added costs. The hotel is perfectly located, has a friendly, kind staff and offers you a quite traditional Madrid experience.

Sometimes, in big cities like Madrid, this is exactly what you need to recharge. Water, air and a new perspective. Plus the occasional Mojito always helps!


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