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Flavia: our new Italian crush in Madrid

When we come back to Madrid we usually hesitate: should we visit our favorite spots or should we try new ones? Nowadays there are so many nice restaurants that is really difficult to keep up with the hype. But among all the new openings, there was one that caught our attention. Flavia claimed to be the new home for authentic Italian cuisine in Madrid, so we had to give it a try. Located in a quiet area of Madrid’s city center yet far from the tourists and the traffic, it was not the most awaited opening, but its proposal certainly looked attractive to us.
Flavia_Madrid_1Flavia is elegant and refined but upon arrival the friendly staff gave us a casual warm welcome. We were off to a good start: all in all, that’s the Italian personality. Design, sophistication… and a nice plate of mortadella as an appetizer. And what an appetizer! You just don’t need anything more: great, flavourful produce. Is there anything better than that? The answer is no.
Flavia_Madrid_2Following this simple trend, we ordered the burrata to share, which was a recommendation of our waiter. To be honest, I would have eaten the whole plate myself. The creaminess, the soft texture and the zingy touch of the dried tomatoes… It was a little white cloud of pleasure.
Flavia_Madrid_3Flavia_Madrid_13Waiting for our main courses to arrive, we admired the decor: beautiful tiles, wood touches, a calming blue and green color palette and a wonderful old fashioned bar that is supposed to serve great cocktails. We thought that this could be a fantastic option for a chic night out: stylish carbs and cocktails. What’s not to love? But during lunchtime, the atmosphere was quiet. A few couples, some girls who lunch and some tables were business deals were made. Flavia_Madrid_12The main couses arrived. Flavia offers a wide range of pasta: you choose the type of pasta you want first (even gluten free!) and then you decide the sauce or dressing. We ordered the epitome of Italian confort food: spaguetti caccio e peppe, tagliolini ai funghi and pizza capricciosa. Not for the faint-hearted!Flavia_Madrid_6I had read that the spaguetti caccio e peppe were spectacular and they didn’t dissappoint. Al dente with the simplest, juiciest sauce. Flavia shows respect for the traditions and makes delightful dishes out of the humblest ingredients. The servings were huge and, even though I tried, I couldn’t finist my pasta. On the contrary, the plate beside me was left empty…

Flavia_Madrid_5The tagliolini ai funghi had a wonderful creamy earthy sauce. The pasta was perfectly cooked and while flavours were strong, the combination was light. Flavia_Madrid_4What can we say about the pizza? It definitely could have used a couple of minutes more in the oven, but the incredible tomato sauce made up for it. That sauce was outstanding!

Flavia_Madrid_8Flavia_Madrid_9Sadly there was no room for dessert. I guess we will have to come back for a lighter meal (vongole alla marinara and bresaola, rucola e grana for instance) so that we can try a nice panacotta or tiramisu. With the great quality of the produce and the attention to detail that the restaurant shows, we are sure that the desserts will be outstanding.

We will be back in Madrid for Christmas, so I guess we’ll have a date with Flavia again!
Gil de Santivanes, 2
Book your table: +34 91 493 90 51


    • Hi Krissie! There are plenty of nice spots to eat in Madrid, but this one has a special vibe: classy yet lively and casual. And the food is truly amazing!

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