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We love long Summer days. The air smells better, that mix of barbacue and fresh grass, people are happier, they look prettier and a simple cold drink in a terrace can make you feel alive and exultant. While the most traditional Summer destinations are placed in the warmest climates, we have been thinking about spending a few days in a milder latitude. What about a different Summer in Norway? Maybe in 2016… The Lofoten islands have been on our bucket lists for a while, but visiting the Stave churches or exploring the Fjords sound just as appealing. Oslo is one of the European capitals that we still have to discover. With a few beaches and islands near enough to arrange some pretty interesting day trips, it looks like Oslo has it all. However, Finnmark, home of the Sami, could be quite an exotic destination.

Have you ever visited Norway? Would you recommend it for a different Summer?


  1. I dream to travel to Norvegia and north pole!!! No friends like travel with me in this lands!!!😌😒 ciao i like your post about travels ideas!

    • I think Norway is a nice place to travel alone… maybe you should dare to organize a solo trip? ;) Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I bought a guidebook for Norway a couple of years ago, with the same idea as you and have not got around to it! I went for work once ages ago, which inspired me initially. I didn’t have time to do anything interesting because I had to work and was stuck in a building looking outside!

    • I hate when I have to travel for work and can’t see anything other than the computer! I hope we make it… maybe we should plan a trip to Norway together? ;)

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