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The best food we’ve ever eaten abroad


Eat and travel. The biggest pleasures in life! I’m sure that if you are reading this blog you agree with us. Maybe, like us, you live for those glorious moments in life when you discover a lovely restaurant in a gorgeous setting, you taste a new flavour for the first time… Sometimes the food is outstanding, others it’s the moment, the company and the location. So before leaving for our next trip this Thursday,  we’ve decided to reminisce about the best food we’ve ever eaten abroad:

Kobe beef: I visited Japan for work a gazillion years ago but I got to spend a free day in Tokyo with a great friend from University that I haven’t seen for years. We went shopping, we catched up and we had tea overlooking Tokyo’s roofs. At night, her husband took us to a tiny restaurant only frequented by locals. And I tried Kobe beef. OH.MY.GOD. It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Then I ate the worst thing that I’ve ever eaten: a huge raw shrimp. But, you know, that’s life. Ups and downs.

Aubergine and mozarella panino: Picture this:  second day of our honeymoon. Positano. A gorgeous day by the beach. Suddenly the sky turns grey and it starts raining. One of those merciless early Summer showers.  We run to the nearest beach bar and order a panino. Mamma mia! Fresh mozarella and grilled aubergine, the softest bread, the smell of the sea, the wind, the laughter… That panino with an ice cold Birra Moretti overlooking the empty Marina Grande was one of the best meals we’ve ever had.

Zuppa inglese ice cream: I was in Burano with my mum, my grandfather and my great aunt. It was a very special trip because it was the first time I was in Italy with my grandfather, who by the time was 87 years old. He was quite adventurous so he wanted to go back to Burano, where he had had amazing meals with my grandmother when they were just married. I don’t quite remember what we ate but I do remember that absolutely wonderful zuppa inglese ice cream we had for pudding. It’s my absolute favorite ice cream flavor and it’s very difficult to find, so it felt really special. Then, my grandfather took me to a little shop and bought me a pair of Burano cristal earrings. It was just the perfect day.

THE burger: a couple of years ago we visited Paris to take pictures of the fashion week. It was freezing cold. That cold that seems to go through your skin, make thousands of little holes in your bones and stay there forever. So after a superfun but terribly stressful morning of shooting we were starving. And we found, just by chance, a cute bistro where we had the most amazing burger of our lifes. The beautiful atmosphere, the delicious juicy meat and those fries with tartar sauce made our feet warm and our bellies happy. I remember being surrounded by beautiful people, feeling great for the experience we were living and enjoying that burger like there was no tomorrow… since tomorrow would probably mean a sad salad!

Melanzane parmigiana: our first destination as a couple was Rome. It was an impromtu trip so we didn’t have time to prepare a route or look for cool new restaurants to eat. So I just showed P. my favourite places in the city. Of course, I took her to a tiny old trattoria in Trastevere where you can eat the best Melanzane parmigiana in the world. It was authentic Italian food, it was our first international trip together, almost no one knew we were in Rome.. It felt like the city was just for us.

Just about anything we ate in Geist: the venison we ate last May in this wonderful restaurant is one of P.’s gastronomic highlights of a lifetime. It was the perfect night: the nordic light made everything golden, the food was amazing and during that trip to Copenhagen we felt that we were growing, both professionally and personally. Each mouthful was a moment of pure happyness.

So, now it’s your turn. Please tell us about the best food you’ve eaten abroad! Was it an exotic meal or a sophisticated dinner? Or maybe just a plain sandwich overlooking the sea? Let us know in the comment section!

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    • Indeed! The truth is that everything tastes better when you don’t expect it! The other day I was reading a blog post about the best restaurant in the world, Celler Can Roca, and the girl who wrote it said that she was disappointed because she expected so much!

  1. This is a tough call! But I’ll try … maybe the dark chocolate orange gelato from a small shop right below the steps of the Amalfi Duomo. Or there was the lighter-than-air gnocchi from Positano. And I can’t forget the amazing, simply-made-but-out-of-this-world margherita pizza from some tiny waterside café in an Italian village so small I don’t even remember the name. And while my partner doesn’t like them, I am addicted to the Callison d’Aix, those little cookies coated in almond paste candy. Yum! Too many options! Food makes travel memorable. My photos tell that; friends laugh because we have photos of empty plates … we are usually so starved at each meal, we forget to take photos before we eat; all we can show after the fact are our clean plates!
    Lee Ann

    • Hahahahah, been there, been there… ;) That chocolate orange gelato sounds unreal!!! I’m leaving to Italy tomorrow, I hope I can find some new favourite meal!!!

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