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Block heels

I have a lot to thank Alexa Chung for. She has rescued the classic black eye liner, which happens to be one of the few makeup looks that fits my small eyes, from the 50’s makeup section and she has shown that flats and block heels can be fashionable too. And that’s fantastic because those are almost the only heels I wear. I’m lazy and I tend to put comfort first, so I always gravitate to this kind of heels. Thank you, Alexa, for bringing them back. I bought the ones in the picture in one of my favourite shops in Vicenza, Lazzari. They are handmade in Italy, in Florence to be exact, and they are the perfect basic: they look gorgeous with black or little white dresses and they dress up your jeans and stripe tees beautifully. You can get a very similar pair here and they are on sale!
Block_Heels_2Of course, block heels always bring some 60’s and even 70’s vibes, but I’m fine with that. I think they can be very feminine and empowering at the same time. These ones are vintage, I found them in a tiny store in my hometown, but there are wonderful options in the stores right now. You can make the most of the current sales and get these chic black and white sandals (60% off!), these burgundy 60’s beauties, these Isabel Marant sandals (50% off!) or splurge on these Valentino staples for elegant Summer nights or these timeless Mary Janes.  Block heels are perfect for crazy working days and for long Summer nights and if Alexa loves them… why shouldn’t you?

PS: Corail nail polish by Dior.


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