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The little white dress

White dressesDuring the last months we’ve been trying to edit our wardrobes. We recently donated four suitcases full of clothes to charity (Yes, four suitcases. Insert embarrased emoji here) and we want to sell a few pieces as well (tips on how to sell clothes on-line would be appreciated!). However, this process has showed us that even though we had plenty of, well, everything, we were lacking some key basic pieces. That’s why we have been looking for a nice little white dress to complete our Summer staples. And here comes the never-ending dilema: do we splurge or do we go for a high street piece?

1. This dress would be a total splurge (crazy price tag!) but it’s so basic and minimal that it will fit perfectly into our closet. And we can wear it to the office too.
2. This was love at first sight. The cut will be perfect for my silhouette, it’s timeless, it’s beautiful and… broderie anglaise.
3. This dress is a total bargain. Fresh, basic… the kind of piece we will buy with our eyes closed. But we are trying to edit and be careful with our shopping, so…
4. This is the dress that all the bloggers want. We want it too.
5. Maje always has the most beautiful dresses. This girly little number is no exception. Again, that cut is so me!
6. This dress could be the star of any Summer wardrobe. Are you thinking about Ibiza too?
7. Ok, this one is for P. Not for me. But isn’t it gorgeous? The lace, the floral pattern, the strategic cuts…
8. This two in one piece is just adorable and so wearable. And it’s on sale. How convenient!


  1. White dresses are tricky! You want them to be light and airy, but not see-through. And if you finally find the right dress you need to be careful how to clean it…
    Personally I like no. 5! Such a pretty dress.


    • Yeah… a tad expensive maybe? But I think it could be a nice investment. However, my problem with clothes is that I always think in my personal coin: flight tickets. So that dress would be a flight ticket to Rome or a flight ticket to Mallorca, for instance. Do I need the dress or the flight ticket? Well, the flight ticket normally wins… But then I look horrible in the pictures of my trips because I don’t have pretty dresses… What a vicious cycle! #firstworldproblems, I know. ;)

  2. I go with number 2 and number 8. I have my white summer dress from Boutique Jaeger. May I never spill red wine on it !

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