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Moodboard: Malta

Moodboard_Malta_1So we have the nice weather, we have the swimsuit… now we need the destination. And after a not very nice experience this weekend in the North Sea, we’ve decided to focus again in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s be honest: it’s the best place in the world. The weather, the landscapes, the food… Each country has such a huge cultural background that is almost imposible not to fall in love with the Mediterranean diversity and charm. Fantasizing about new destinations we came across some gorgeous images of Malta. How come have we never thought about this small country surrounded by the sea?
Moodboard_Malta_2I remember that when I was a teenager and I was sent to study English abroad, Malta looked like the worst destination. I wanted to head to cool London or arty Edinburgh. Malta? Malta was weird. Oh, the stupid things we do when we are Young… Now I would happily spend a month learning a new culture and a new language in that amazing country. Obviously I would change the students’ residence for a wonderful stay at these apartments, or even better, splurge in this amazing hotel!

PS: Seville, Croatia, Girona now Malta… can you sense the Game of Thrones vibe? ;)


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