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There are as many gazpacho recipes as families are in Andalucía. This is ours. And for us, this is the real deal, the naked truth: basic, natural, refreshing gazpacho. Perfect for light dinners in hot Summer nights.
Gazpacho_1Gazpacho_2You will need:

7 big ripe tomatoes Half small pepper, red or green, deseeded 1 clove of garlic, peeled 150 ml extra virgin olive oil 20 ml white vinegar (or apple vinegar if you want a smoother taste) A pinch of salt 100g white bread (look for bread that is similar to the one you see in the picture above)

Gazpacho_6Soak the bread in cold water until it has absorbed almost all the liquid. Then squeeze out the bread and reserve.

Peel the tomatoes, diced them and mix them with the pepper, garlic and salt in the bowl of a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. Strain the mix.

Now tear the bread into pieces and add it to the tomato mix. Start blending. Pour the extra virgin olive oil and the vinegar progressively as you blend. Gazpacho_5Taste it and correct the seasoning. If you think that the flavour is too strong, add a little bit of water and blend a little bit more. Then cover and refrigerate until well chilled. You can serve it with different garnishes (jamón, small pieces of bread, cucumber, pepper…) But for us, it doesn’t need anything else! Gazpacho_3


  1. I don’t really like to eat tomato sauce. However I have discovered Gazpacho for myself some weeks ago. I have to admit: i have not yet made it myself, but with your easy recipe I might give it a try.


    • Please do try it! It’s really nice and you can adapt the recipe to your taste by adding more or less vinegar. You’ll have the best dinner for this heatwave!

  2. I’m going to try it. I made my friend’s grandmother’s recipe from the village … and I think the portion size was for the whole village !

    • Well, with this recipe you can serve four nice bowls of gazpacho. We usually have two dinners out of it… If you like smaller servings, then you’ll have more. But it’s so light and delicious that you’ll want a huge bowl!!!

    • It’s really nice. What can i say? It’s our family recipe :) Please let us know if you prepare it and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts during the process!

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