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A weekend in Seville: weddings, sunsets and ice creams

Last weekend  we attended the most wonderful wedding. Our dear friends Isabel & Jesús got married in the stunning Sevillian townhall and celebrated a glamorous party afterwards where we ate and danced until almost the break of the day. We will remember that day for the rest of our lives. It was truly emotional and fun.  We helped them a little bit with the wedding preparations, I did a one minute speech during the ceremony (Without crying! Yay!) and we enjoyed their wedding as much as we did ours. Of course, the following day we were barely coach potatoes, but at some point we managed to make ourselves presentable and went out to dinner, payed a visit to our favorite ice cream shop and had a wonderful night walk through the beautiful romantic streets of Seville. This is a more personal post, not something we usually show you here, but maybe you want to have a look at these pictures and read about the funniest weekend we’ve had in a very long time?

Sevilla_Wedding_1The night before the wedding some of us met at La Duquesita, a nice restaurant in Alameda, the hippest area of Seville. We had a great time and we ate some tapas, of course. The aubergines with honey and the salmorejo were spectacular. We all had huge (but, really: huge) desserts and ended the night with some drinks al fresco.
And the big day arrived! We spent a wonderful morning of mani-pedis, we had our appointments for hair and makeup in the first hours of the afternoon… 45ºC so what? We were all nervous and extremely excited. I went for a messy updo, and she went for a tiny braid and soft waves.
Sevilla_Wedding_2Sevilla_Wedding_5It was so nice getting to see all those friends that are almost family. We were more nervous than in our own wedding!!!! Everyone was looking great and the atmosphere was full of love and excitement. Oh, I love weddings!
Sevilla_Wedding_20Sevilla_Wedding_4The cereremony was short but beautiful. And the bride and groom were as gorgeous as they could be. Well, you can see the newlyweds here. Aren’t they the best couple ever? We love you gorditos!!!!
Sevilla_Wedding_26And it was time to head to the hotel were the celebrations were taking place. We were greeted by this…
Sevilla_Wedding_21So with a mojito in one hand and the most delicious appetizers in the other we waited for the newlyweds in the lush gardens of the hotel. The sun was starting to set and all you could hear was laughter and cheerful conversations. Pure bliss.

But it was time for dinner! So we headed to a beautiful terrace overlooking the gardens and the pool. The table setting was glamorous, decadent and romantic: flowers, candles and gold and black touches.
Sevilla_Wedding_6Sevilla_Wedding_7Sevilla_Wedding_22We were seated with the newlyweds so we felt honored and full of love. As I mentioned before, they are more than friends to us, they are family. To say that we were incredibly happy is an understatement.

We had the most delicious dinner: a fresh and zingy aubergine and scallop salad followed by pork sirloin with sage and mushroom polenta. Absolutely delicious and very different from any wedding menu we’ve tasted before. But for me, the best part was dessert. Obviously. Look at that… the most tender cake with hot chocolate and a delicious vanilla ice cream. Perfect in its simplicity.
Sevilla_Wedding_24After that I took my stunning wife to the dance floor and we danced and danced until almost 6 in the morning. I actually don’t remember staying up so late since University! Oh, I’m old. Here there is a picture of my gorgeous wife drinking white wine. Just because. (In case you are interested, that dress is from &OtherStories, Rachel Antonoff special edition)
Sevilla_Wedding_23As I mentioned before, we spent the following day struggling to get out of bed, napping and texting our friends. After all, that’s the best part of such an event: remembering the highlights, gossiping about the new couple (Yes! Fingers crossed there is a new couple after this wedding!) and laughing about all the fun moments. However, we wanted to have dinner in the last and most discussed addition to Seville gastronomic scene. So we dressed up a little bit and went out the door. Sevilla_Wedding_8Sevilla_Wedding_9Sevilla_Wedding_17Sevilla_Wedding_16We headed to Puente de Triana to watch one of those spectacular Sevillian sunsets over the river. Honestly, if you don’t fell in love with this city you have no heart at all… The quiet river contrasted with the lively Calle Betis. You could hear music and laughter, chaos and calm. Sevilla_Wedding_10We had a simple but absolutely delicious dinner at Mercado Lonja del Barranco. We will be publishing a whole article about it tomorrow, but there you have a sneak peek!

After that, we headed to La Fiorentina (Calle Zaragoza 16). This ice cream shop offers one of the best ice creams in the world. No, I’m not exaggerating. A few years ago I tried their strawberry ice cream mixed with vinegar (yes, vinegar) ice cream and since then, I always want to come back for more. This time I couldn’t help but order the chocolate ice cream. Outstanding!
Sevilla_Wedding_18Sevilla_Wedding_11And everyone knows that ice cream tastes better if eaten while strolling around a beautiful city at night. And that’s what we did. We wandered through the old town, remembering the time when we were dating and thinking how our lives have changed since then.
Sevilla_Wedding_19Sevilla_Wedding_15Sevilla_Wedding_14Sevilla_Wedding_13Sevilla_Wedding_12That was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend full of love and great food, that is, the best things in life!


  1. Would you believe I have never been to a wedding?!
    My friends are not all single, but none is married….One day, I’ll tell you.

    What a beautiful looking couple!


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