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The Summer edit

We sometimes feel overwhelmed by the huge range of products that on-line shops offer nowadays. Possibilities are endless and we end up tired of scrolling down and seeing so many different styles. For someone who struggles to make up her mind about pretty much everything, on-line shopping is a nightmare. So when we see an edited collection we jump in immediately. That’s why we love Net-a-Porter’s Summer shop. And here you have our wishlist! Four different looks for four different Summer destinations.

For the Tropical beauty: a bright orage palm print one-piece paired with a handmade crocheted cotton tote and this gorgeous Rosantica’s ‘Spiaggia’ bracelet. Feeling more Mediterranean? We have three more looks for you if you’d like to see…

The Amalfi Coast was our honeymoon destination. The fun boat rides from Amalfi to Capri, the incredible sunsets sipping cocktails by the pool of Le Sirenuse Hotel, the sweets at Andrea Pansa, the afternoon walks in Ravello… It doesn’t get better than that. If we were to live such an experience again, we would love to take this beautiful swimsuit with us, together with this light wide-brimmed hat a pair of classic espadrilles.
Of course, Ibiza is always on our mind. Last year we spent the most relaxing holidays exploring some off the beaten track villages and coves. If you want to discover the magic interior of the island and the wild North beaches, we suggest you pack this delicate crocheted bikini, a huge straw tote and a pair of leather sandals to explore the other side of the most famous island of the Mediterranean Sea.
And last, but nor least, the perfect look for an elegant French Summer. A black Eres one-piece, the most famous sunhat on the web and a pair of simple, flat sandals. Because, as Brigitte Bardot proved more than once, walking almost barefoot can be really sexy.

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